House of Beato

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House of Beato
Country Ebenthal
TitlesHigh King of Ebenthal
Founding11 August 2014 (as royal house)
Deposition27 September 2019
EthnicityItalian, Portuguese

The House of Beato was a former royal house of the lusophone micronationalism. The Kingdom of Ebenthall was founded by the 18-years-old Arthur I who reigned as High King from 2014 to 2019, being succeeded briefly by his brother Mateus I who reigned for a few months until be deposed. After his deposition, the House of Beato never engaged again in micronationalism.



Line of succession

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House of Beato
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Throne established
Ruling House of the Kingdom of Ebenthal
Succeeded by
House of Bruyn