Order of the Black Needles

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Order of the Black Needles
Ordem das Agulhas Negras
Order of the Black Needles medal.png
Awarded by the King of Ebenthal
TypeMilitary order
MottoVictoria uel Vindicta
Victory or Vengeance
Awarded forMilitary merit
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterKing Arthur II
GradesKnight 1st class
Knight 2nd class
Knight 3rd class
First induction2014
Total inductees9
Next (higher)Order of Saint Arnald
Next (lower)Order of Lady Mary

Ribbon of the Order of the Black Needles

The Order of the Black Needles (Portuguese: Ordem das Agulhas) is a national military order of knighthood of the Kingdom of Ebenthal. It's current Grand Master is King Arthur II.

It was established in 2015 by High King Arthur I as a military condecoration and order, the country's sole military order of knighthood. It's name comes from the Brazilian Royal Military Academy of the Black Needles, which comes from the Black Needles heights, the country's second highest point at the Organs Mountain Range on which Ebenthal is largely located.


Precedence and privileges

Grand Masters of the Order


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