Ebenthaler Bicameral Act

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Ebenthaler Bicametal Act (Portuguese: Ato Bicameral Ebentálico) is the aglicized umbrella term to refer to the series of constitutional, political and structural changes adopted by the former College of Peers of the Realm in Ebenthal on 8 March 2021.

The Act, formaly proposed by Gabriela, Countess of Wittiza on that same day, had as its core the establishment of a bicameral legislature in Ebenthal. Furthermore, the Act also envisioned the formal abolition of the aristocratic exclusiveness in politics in order to create democratic lower house and the abolition of the Armed Forces of Ebenthal, as well as the possible creation of a Reserve Force.

The Act was voted, passing with 10 votes in favor (the entire Worker's and Moderate parties assembled) and 6 against (the entire Conservative Party assembled), and was granted royal assent by King Arthur II by night. The victory's outcome served as basis for the formal establishment of a coalition between the Worker's and Moderate parties and their ascension to government.