Armed Forces of Ebenthal

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King's Armed Forces
Royal Ebenthal Armed Forces 2020 Logo.png
Armed forces coat of arms
Founded11 August 2014
Disbanded8 March 2021
Service branchesArmy
Cybernetics Corps
Commander-in-ChiefKing Arthur II
Minister of WarPrince Fernando of Negromonte
Field MarshalPrince Fernando of Negromonte
Active personnel17

The King's Armed Forces (Portuguese: Forças Armadas do Rei) was the unified military organization comprising the Royal Ebenthali Army, the Royal Ebenthali Navy, the Royal Ebenthali Aviation Corps, the Royal Ebenthali Cybernetics Corps and the Royal Ebenthali Gendarmerie, serving as the primary instrument for defences of the Kingdom of Ebenthal.

The history of the Royal military of Ebenthal begins with the foundation of the micronation in 2014. The Armed Forces were defined by the Constitution of Ebenthal. The organization is headed by a Field Marshal, named by the King. It must follow the orders and act in conformation with the kingdom's Ministry of War. The active personnel counted both on enlisted members and hired militia. An exclusivity, the Ebenthali Armed Forces count on a branch specialized on cybernetic warfare.

As for 2020 the Army counted on a few light weapons and approximatelly 8 members. The Navy counted on a yacht, two high speed boats and two boats with a 5 or 6 personnel. The Cybernetics Corps has a top equipment and two personnel. The Aviation Corps has no fixed personnel and is equipped with three drones.

The Armed Forces has gone through three conflicts: The Ebenthali Civil War agains rebels trying to overthrown the government; the Ebenthali Independence War against Roschfallen; and the Ebenthali-Brazilian War over the possession of lands in Recceswith.

It was ultimatelly extinguished through the Ebenthal's Bicameral Act in 8 March 2021 and substituted by the Ebenthali Reserve Force.


The armed forces were created with the proclamation of independence of Ebenthal in relation to Roschfallen. High King Arthur I of Ebenthal created the country's five forces through a royal decree the same day independence was proclaimed, but by the time it was a little more than a formality with few real objectives and definitions. During the Ebenthali Independence War, the Army and Cybernetic Corps were employed in do the front cybernetic attack to Roschfallen's database successfully, eventually leading to a cease-fire and a cold war which ended with the Treaty of Botafogo.

In 2016 the Ebenthali-Brazilian War broke out over the possession of lands in Recceswinth, New Switzerland. To counter the charges of the macronation, the High King issued a royal decree incorporating the private security agents of New Switzerland (as well as the ones in Aldiva) as members of the armed forces. These agents acted defending the Ebenthali territory from Brazilian agents in two occasions, although with no use of brutal force. As the incorporation of militia turned out to have worked and lifted the country's morale, it was officialy adopted as a Ebenthali war policy.

Then for last time to date, in 2017, the armed forces engaged in combat during the Ebenthali Civil War, although only the Cyberinetic Corps took action this time. This conflict was specially marked by espionage and sabotage. In 2019 the armed forces firstly remained loyal to High King Mateus I during the Mateusian Crisis, but thanks to Raphael Sousa, Duke of Sion, serving then as Minister of War they changed sides to the rebels and were essential in depriving the authoritarian monarch of his authority and change much public opinions on him.

As of 2020, as the country's throne passed from the House of Beato to the House of Bruyn, the latter's rural properties' private security were enlisted into the armed forces. Currently the SEGMINAS and CAMPSEG are the companies whose hired personnel are enlisted into the Ebenthali forces.



Aviation Corps

Cybernetics Corps