Order of the Ebony Crown

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Order of the Ebony Crown
Awarded by the King of Ebenthal
TypeNational order
Established20 August 2021
Motto"Una Corona, Plures Populi"
Awarded forAt His Majesty's pleasure.
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterKing Arthur II
ChancellorHenri Sãens
First induction2021
Last induction2022
Total inductees60
Next (higher)Order of the Cross of Saint James
Next (lower)Order of the Blue Blood

Ribbon bar of the order

The Order of the Ebony Crown (Portuguese: Ordem da Coroa de Ébano), formerly Order of the Black Crown, is a national order of the Kingdom of Ebenthal, granted at the monarch's pleasure usually in recognition of a national contribution, for public service or for civic merit. It was established on 20 August 2021 to substitute the former Order of Dagon with a symbology inherent to the country as a way of properly rewarding those who rendered service to it or had actions recognized as valuable.

As a national order, the Prime Minister of Ebenthal is its chancellor, appointing persons potentially eligible to be appointed members by the King of Ebenthal, Grand Master of the Order, which also includes supernumerary knights and ladies such as members of the Royal Family. The order is part of national pantheon of orders and awards of Ebenthal.



When Arthur II became King of Ebenthal in 2019, in his campaign to adapt the country to his image to symbolize a new era, he abolished the Order of the Mountain Star, created in 2014. by King Arthur I, and instituted the Order of Dagon, inspired by the Esoteric Order of Dagon of H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror tales'. The Order of Dagon, however, has been criticized for its macabre, particular roots, disconnected from the country's culture and for its frequent association with the Esoteric Order of Dagon founded in real life, of the same inspiration, but which nevertheless claims to practice black magic and who believes that Lovecraft was a prophet of evil gods. Knowing the criticism, Arthur decided for its abolition, but postponed this act due to doubts about what to do with the members who had been appointed to the order.

At the beginning of August 2021 Arthur II adopted as a solution to the question of what to do with the members of the Order of Dagon the creation of a new national order and the immediate incorporation of the members of the Order of Dagon as members of this new order. However, the structure and aesthetics of this order still needed to be defined. Afraid that this would take longer than necessary, Arthur decided to formally create the order as quickly as possible by royal decree and, between the creation of the decree and its entry into force, work on forming the order.


After much delay, on 17 August 2021, through Royal Decree No. 5/2021, King Arthur II extinguished the Order of Dagon and formalized the creation of the Order of the Black Crown, which was officially founded when the decree took effect three days later. During these three days the government worked on creating the design of the order which was named after the black crancelin present in the coat of arms of Ebenthal and often used as national representation symbol. In the act of creating the order, Arthur appointed 17 members who had been selected by him in conjunction with his Prime Minister, Prince Fernando of Schwarzberg, including members of the extinct Order of Dagon.

In 3 July 2022, amidst a reformation of the pantheon of honours, the Order of the Black Crown was renamed Order of the Ebony Crown and a new medal, star and badge were adopted.



Membership in the order is unlimited and it includes the Monarch and the Prince of Altenburg respectively as Sovereign and Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. The Monarch alone can grant membership at his own pleasure, meaning it has no requirements for a person to be inducted a member of the order, although as a national order, membership is regularly granted at the Prime Minister's indication, although this is not a requirement. Monarchs, deviating from the pattern used in other Ebenthal orders, is called the Wearer of the Ebony Crown, instead of Sovereign, and the Prince of Altenburg is known as Successor to the Ebony Crown. Male members of the Order are titled "Knights Companion" and female members are called "Ladies Companion".


The King of Ebenthal is the Sovereign and Grand Master of the order. All deeds granting decorations of the Order must bear the signature of the Sovereign and Grand Master. The Deputy Grand Master is empowered to act on behalf of and in place of the monarch if necessary and with the express approval of the monarch; if the monarch is unable to give his consent, it is up to the Chancellor of the order to sanction the acts of the Deputy Grand Master. The Chancellor is a supernumerary member of the order and is appointed to his position by the King. Usually the Prime Minister in office is appointed Chancellor but this is not a requirement. Members of the order are granted a certificate and are eligible to require a personal coat of arms with the insignia of the Order. A single-graded order, its only ranking is that of Knight/Dame.

Precedence and privileges

Members of this order are assigned positions in the order of precedence, ranking above all others members of equal rankings of whichever orders. Consorts, children and children-in-law also feature on the order of precedence; other relatives of members, however, are not assigned any special precedence. Generally, individuals can derive precedence from their parents or consorts as long as the recipient lives.

All members ot the order are entitled to the prefixes of "Sir" and "Ma'am". When an individual is entitled to use multiple post-nominal letters, the ones of the order (EBN) for both Knights and Dames, standing for Ébano in Portuguese, takes precedence. All recipients may encircle their arms with the circlet of the order.

Insignia and habit

  • The collar of the Order is
  • The badge of the Order is
  • The star of the Order is
  • The ribbon of the Order is

Members of the order

Grand Master

Name Grand Master and Sovereign as Period
Arthur II King of Ebenthal 20 August 2021 – present

Knights and Dames

Name Serie number Post-Nominals Known for Date
1 Ebenthal Hugo IV, Prince of Schwarzberg Prince of Schwarzberg 20 August 2021
2 Ebenthal Pedro II, Prince of Belmonte Prince of Belmonte 20 August 2021
3 Ebenthal Gabriela Amorim, 1st Duchess of Frumar EBN DDM DPS Prime Minister of Ebenthal 20 August 2021
4 Ebenthal Pedro Reis, 1st Count of Gesetzhausen EBN CPS GCGP CSA MEG Seneschal of Ebenthal 20 August 2021
5 Ebenthal Prince Fernando of Schwarzberg Prime Minister of Ebenthal 20 August 2021
6 United Provinces of Mauritia Lucas Morais, 1st Duke of Albuquerque Chancellor of Mauritia 20 August 2021
7 Braspor Matheus I King of Braspor 20 August 2021
8 Achsen Bruno I King of the Hanseatics 20 August 2021
9 Kingdom of Atlia Luis Marcel, Prince Regent of Atlia Regent of Atlia 20 August 2021
10 Angosvria Gustavo Essedin Gamee Prime Minister of Angosvria 20 August 2021
11 Snagov Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu President of Snagov 20 August 2021 (REVOKED)[a]
12 Commonwealth of Dracul Dmitri Howie President of Dracul 20 August 2021
13 Commonwealth of Essexia Jack Dean First Minister of Essexia 20 August 2021
14 Archduchy of Mimas Sir Brian Helwater Minister of Foreign Affairs 20 August 2021
15 Rino Island Benedetto Samperi President of the Grand Senate 20 August 2021
16 Commonwealth of Dracul Charles Ross Interior Secretary 20 August 2021
17 Empire of Lehmark Sir Peter Armstrong Minister of Foreign Affairs 12 October 2021
18 Vandewal principality Thomas, Prince of Vandewall Prince of Vandewal 5 July 2022
19 Harram Omar V ex-Sultan of Harram 5 July 2022
20 Harram Hassan III ex-Sultan of Harram 5 July 2022
21 Harram Hassan IV Sultan of Harram 5 July 2022
22 Vishwamitra Varuna Sriraya Rashtradhyaksh 5 July 2022 (REVOKED)[b]
23 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Oscar I Emperor of Karnia, King of Ruthenia, etc. 5 July 2022
24 Achsen Lucas Ribeiro Archchancellor of Achsen 5 July 2022
25 Ebenthal Prince Theo of Ebenthal Prince of Ebenthal 5 July 2022
26 New Southern Rhine Prince Antônio Scherer Archsteward of New Southern Rhine 5 July 2022
27 Gymnasium State Tomáš Falešník ex-Premier of Gymnasium State 5 July 2022
28 Northwood-Oregon Carson I Sovereign of Northwood-Oregon 5 July 2022
29 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Archduchess Alice of Karnia Heir presumptive to the KR throne 5 July 2022
30 Taslavia Guilherme I Ítalo King of Taslavia 5 July 2022
31 Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land Adrian Wojtasz President of Upper Shwartz 5 July 2022
32 Kingdom of North Barchant Anna Marco Queen of North Barchant 5 July 2022
33 Baustralia Ella Parker Prime Minister of Baustralia 5 July 2022
34 Archduchy of Mimas Lia Lovisa Rudh, 1st Marchioness of Frerona Minister-President of Mimas 5 July 2022
35 Renderfeit Rey Jr. Mancio President of Renderfeit 5 July 2022
36 Roschfallen Benjamin Azoulay Regent of Roschfallen 5 July 2022
37 Vishwamitra Duke Farhaz Hazarika Prime Minister of Vishwamitra 5 July 2022
38 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Mike Lewis, 1st Marquis of New Charter Prime Minister of Lundenwic 5 July 2022
39 Grand Duchy of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir Gabriela, Grand Duchess of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir Grand Duchess of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir 5 July 2022
40 Aswington Juan Cisneros President of Aswington 5 July 2022
41 Vishwamitra Anirban Phatowali Rajpramukh of Ramrupa 5 July 2022
42 Vishwamitra Princess Sarala of Purvanchal Regent of Purvanchal 5 July 2022
43 Vishwamitra Anoushkaa Patranabish Rajpramukh of Basistha 5 July 2022
44 Ebenthal Prince Pedro Henrique of Ebenthal Prince of Ebenthal 5 July 2022
45 Ebenthal Matteo Lucattini Minister of Foreign Affairs 5 July 2022
45 w:Netherlands Ralf M.M. Stultiëns Ebenthali Ambassador to the European Union 27 September 2022
46 Archduchy of Mimas Elin Frejj, 1st Countess of Duhn Deputy Minister-President of Mimas 13 October 2022
47 Ebenthal Rupert Ruschel, 3rd Duke of Ambarino EBN Prime Minister of Ebenthal 13 October 2022
48 Commonwealth of Dracul Stephen Luke Chancellor of Dracul 13 October 2022
49 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Sânia von und zu Freiburg Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household 13 October 2022
50 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Michael, Grand Duke of Nordinsel Grand Duke of Nordinsel 13 October 2022
51 United Provinces of Mauritia Lucas Pessoa, 1st Marquis of Frag Chancellor of Mauritia 13 October 2022
52 Ebenthal Wellington Muniz Minister of War 13 October 2022
53 Ebenthal Bernardo Barcelos Minister of Commerce 13 October 2022
54 Ebenthal Ruy Fernandes, 1st Baron of Lyns Ebenthali scholar 13 October 2022
55 Ebenthal Marlene Viana, 1st Baroness of Durchbohrterthron Mother of the Prince Consort 13 October 2022
56 Ebenthal Francisco Arrais Ebenthali politician 13 October 2022
57 Ebenthal Princess Luzia of Ebenthal Princess of Ebenthal 13 October 2022
58 Gymnasium State Joel Novotný, Premier of the Gymnasium State Premier of the Gymnasium State 13 October 2022
59 Sancratosia Christian Newton Minister of State of Sancratosia 13 October 2022
60 Sildavia Prince Gabriel, Duke of Koniktz Prince of Sildavia 5 December 2022

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  1. Revoked on 2 November 2022.
  2. Revoked on 20 November 2022.