Ralf M.M. Stultiëns

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Ralf M.M. Stultiëns
Stultiëns in 2018
Duke of Quinntania
Assumed office
6 May 2015
Emperor of Myrotania H.I.M. Thomas I
Predecessor Office established
Cycoldian Ambassador to the Netherlands
Assumed office
8 April 2020
Summi Imperatoria Christina I
Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
Chief of the Armed Forces
See list
Predecessor Office established
Ambassador of the Kybistani Protectorate of Mendersia to the Netherlands
Assumed office
5 April 2020
President Eric Smith
Prime Minister Nicholas I
Vice-President Jan Stastny
Predecessor Office established
Ambassador of the Republic of Aswington to the Netherlands
Assumed office
25 June 2020
President Juan Cisneros
Prime Minister Addison Dillon
Predecessor Office established
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Ikonia to the Netherlands
Assumed office
18 April 2021
Monarchy of Ikonia Abrams I
Predecessor Office established
Ambassador of the Ebenthal to the European Union
Assumed office
4 January 2021
Monarch Arthur II
Predecessor Matteo Lucattini
Personal information
Born 16 March 1977 (1977-03-16) (age 45)
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Ralf M.M. Stultiëns KCRO OED CPC CTA GOE SGC DODF OFPS OF (born 16 March 1977, Eindhoven) is a Dutch micronationalist-politician who serves as the Ambassador to the Netherlands in many micronations; partly due to the fact that he is also the deputy mayor in the town of Nuenen, famous in the world because Vincent van Gogh lived and worked there for several years.

Political functions Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten

Stultiëns became an active member of W70 Nuenen c.a., the oldest and largest political party of Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten in October 1999. In 2002 he was awarded with the internal incentive trophy of the party. Since then he had several functions, e.g. councillor (16 March 2006 – 7 June 2018 / 30 March 2022-), party leader (2015-7 June 2018), local cabinet formateur (2016/2018), alderman (7 June 2018-) and deputy mayor (7 June-2018-).

Alderman tasks

Social domain (Care, Youth, Social Affairs), Education, Health, Village marketing, Recreation and Tourism, Events, Historical Preservation, Integration).

Administrative functions

WSD Groep (daily and general management), GGD Brabant-Zuidoost (general management), Zorg- en Veiligheidshuis Brabant Zuidoost (daily and general management), Stichting 2019 (organisation for dementia awareness, Ambassador).

In 2014 - as a councillor - Stultiëns took part in the national election for 'Beste Raadslid van Nederland' (Best councillor of The Netherlands). He won the national preliminary round (over 1000 contestants) and made it to the Final (12 councillors), which was partly broadcasted live on Dutch national tv.

Ambassador to The Netherlands

Stultiëns serves as Ambassador (or Honorary Consul) to The Netherlands for several micronations:

Full style and title

Prince of the Principality Breitzickburg, Duke of the Most Excellent and Imperial Order of the Yellow Dragons of Myrotania (DODF), 1st Marquess of Teus, Earl of the Snowy Plains, Baron de Pois, Baron of Imvrassia, Baron of Tingsten, Baron of Gardenland, Lord of the Free Nation of New Athens, Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Roanoke (KCRO), Knight of the Order of Dagon (OED), Knight of the Royal Knight Order of Goldenstein, Knight of the Chivalric Order of Watitune, Commander of the Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra (COC), Commander of The Order of Humble Servants of the Centumcellæ (CPC), Companion of the Order of Saint Thomas and Saint Andrew (CTA).

Titles, styles and honours

Noble titles