Hassan III, Sultan of Harram

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Hassan III
Sultan of Harram
Reign2 June 2021 – 8 August 2021
PredecessorOmar V
SucessorHassan IV
2nd reign4 August 2022 – present
PredecessorHassan IV
Born15 July 2002 (2002-July-15) (age 21)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
João Mauro van der Bruyn
FatherJoão da Silva Brandão
MotherPrincess Carla of Ebenthal

Hassan III, nicknamed The Usurper, (born João Mauro van der Bruyn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 15 July 2002) is the eigth Sultan of Harram, having assuming the throne through a coup d'état staged by foreign powers in 2 June 2021. Nonetheless, his first reign was brief, as in 8 August that same year he was deposed by the same powers who installed him in favor of a new sultan, Hassan IV, who, in turn, eventually disinterested, abdicated the throne after nearly a year, returning it to Hassan III in 4 August 2022.

João Mauro was born in House of Bruyn, a Portuguese noble family of Dutch origin. When his cousin Arthur van der Bruyn assumed the throne of Ebenthal in late 2019 John Mauro was made Prince of Ebental like the rest of the dynasty to which it belongs. In 1 June 2021 the King of Ebenthal and the Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia staged a coup d'état deposing Sultan Omar V and the House of Harram from the lasting-inactive Harranian throne. As they needed a new monarch to take over Harram in order to resurrect the country's political activity, King Arthur II suggested his cousin, Prince João Mauro, also known as Prince John. Emperor Oscar I and Prince João Mauro agreed, and he was christened Sultan of Harram adopting the regnal name of Hassan III, starrying in the micronationalism and groomed by his Steward.

Unable to keep his support without foreign aid, he was dethroned in Harram and succeeded by Hassan IV. He left for Ebenthal, assuming once more his princely title. Nevertheless, after almost exactly one year, Hassan IV, who had been installed on the throne of Harram in his place by the King of Ebenthel and the Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia, abdicated the throne, which was then returned to Hassan III with the blessing from his cousin, the Ebenthali monarch.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Hassan III
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSire

Titles ans styles

  • 29 December 2019 – 2 June 2021: His Royal Highness Prince João Mauro of Ebenthal
  • 2 June 2021 – 8 August 2021: His Majesty The Sultan of Harram
  • 8 August 2021 – 4 August 2022: His Royal Highness Prince João Mauro of Ebenthal
  • 4 August 2022 – present: His Majesty The Sultan of Harram

As Sultan of Harram his full style and title was:

By Grace of Allah, His Majesty Hassan III, Sultan and Shah of Harram, King of the Maronites of the West, Bearer of the Star of David, of the Crescent Moon and of the Holy Cross of Christ.


National honours

Foreign honours


Hassan III, Sultan of Harram
Born: 15 July 2002
Royal titles
Preceded by
Omar V
Sultan of Harram
2 June 2021 – 8 August 2021
Succeeded by
Hassan IV
Preceded by
Hassan IV
Sultan of Harram
4 August 2022 – present
Succeeded by