Princess Élida of Ebenthal

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Princess Élida
Princess of Ebenthal
Spouse Filipe Schlotterbeck
Heitor, Prince of Bruges
Full name
Élida Roberta da Costa Brum
House Brum
Father Armando, Baron of Roches
Mother Wanda da Costa
Born 23 April 1981 (1981-04-23) (age 41)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Ballet dancer
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ebenthali Royal Family
House of Brum
Clan Brum Arms.png
Armando, 5th Baron of Roches


HM Arthur II
HRH Princess Élida
HRH Princess Laíze
HRH Princess Eleine
HRH Princess Laura
HRH Princess Sophia
HRH Heitor, Prince of Altenburg
HRH Prince Theo
HRH Prince Lorenzo
HRH Princess Alice
HRH Princess Lara
Styles of
Élida, Princess of Belmonte
Arms of Ebenthal.png
Reference styleHer Illustrious Highness
Spoken styleYour Illustrious Highness
Alternative styleMa'am

Princess Élida (born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 April 1981) is a Princess of Ebenthal, sister of King Arthur II and former heiress to her brother's throne as Princess of Belmonte, being the last holder of the title to be heir to the Ebenthali throne. She had been also heiress to her brother when he was King of Roschfallen under the title of Princess of Iriland. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she is the first of the six children of Armando, Baron of Roches, head of the barional Clan Brum, and his first wife Wanda da Costa.

In 2011 Princess Élida married the Brazilian Filipe Schlotterbeck, from São Paulo, with whom she had a son, Heitor, Prince of Bruges, in favor of whom she resigned her dynastical rights in 11 April 2021.


Early life

Élida was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 1981, as the first daughter of Armando, then Hereditary Baron of Roches to his first wife, Ms. Wanda da Costa Brum, both aged 20 when she was born. Through her father, she is a member of the Clan Brum, a Dutch-Portuguese family, which go back to the nobility of Scotland and the Holy Roman Empire. She is great-great-great-great-granddaughter of King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy through a bastard line.

Education and career

She began her studies at the St. Ignatius College in Rio de Janeiro where she graduated. At the age of 11 she startet a ballet course, being so successful she was invited to the Royal Ballet School, an offer she declined because of her grandparents, who raised her, and which she didn't want to leave. She later presented to Mikhail Baryshnikov and was invited to take part at the Bolshoi Ballet, which she also declined.

In 2001 she joined the ballet company of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre, under the guidance of Ana Botafogo. She rose inside the company to be nowadays the number one ballet dancer, succeeding Ana.

Marriage and children

In 2009 she began to date Mr. Filipe Schlotterback, a Paulistan ballet dancer who moved to Rio to work at the National Theatre, where he become the number one ballet dancer as well. The two moved together and in 2011 they have a son, born Prince Heitor of Ebenthal. The couple and child took residence in the Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, currently the city of Gillisburgh.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 28 January 2014 – 29 December 2019: Her Serene Highness The Princess of Iriland
  • 29 December 2019 – 11 April 2021: Her Gracious Highness The Princess of Belmonte
  • 29 December 2019 – 11 April 2021: Her Royal Highness Princess Élida of Ebenthal


National Honors

As Princess of Ebenthal, Élida is recipient of the following orders:

Foreign Honors


The ancestry of Élida, Princess of Iriland:


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Princess Élida of Ebenthal
Born: 23 April 1981
Preceded by
Prince Pedro
Princess of Belmonte
29 December 2019 – 11 April 2021
Succeeded by
Prince Pedro
Preceded by
New title
Princess of Roschfallen
28 January 2014 – 29 December 2019
Succeeded by
Prince Cláudio