Monarchy of Harram

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Sultan of Harram
Hassan III of Harram.jpg
Hassan III
since 4 August 2022
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentNone appointed
First monarchHassan I
Formation24 May 2009
ResidenceOld Palace, Harram

The monarchy of Harram is the main and most powerful political institution in Harram. It is a absolute monarchy over a unitary state, and the Sultan of Harram is the supreme autocrat of the nation, legal holder of all political power to make unlimited use, being considered the incarnation of the State itself. The eighth and current Sultan is Hassan III, currently in his second reign since 4 August 2022, having previously reigned between 2 June and 8 August 2021. According to the Sultanic Code of Hassan I, the main basic legal instrument of the State, the Sultan must name his heir from among the members of his dynasty. However, this legal view is contested as, legally the Sultan is an autocrat and his word has the force of law, some argue that the monarch can name his heir free of any requisrement.