Chancellor of Dracul

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Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dracul
Standard of the Chancellor
Stephen Luke, Chancellor
Whisper Williams

since 9 October 2023
Executive branch of the Government
StyleMr. Chancellor (informal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofFederal Cabinet
SeatFederal Chancellery, Bran District
AppointerParliament of Dracul upon election by the People
Term length4 years, renewable
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Dracul
Formation25 September 2017 (President)
5 September 2022 (Chancellor)
First holderDmitri Howie (as President)
Stephen Luke (as Chancellor)
DeputyVice Chancellor of Dracul

The Chancellor of Dracul, officially the Federal Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dracul, is the head of the federal government of Dracul and the commander in chief of the Dracul Armed Forces during wartime. The chancellor is the chief executive of the Federal Cabinet and heads the executive branch. The chancellor is elected by the Dracul Parliament on the election victory by the people and without debate.

Initially the office of the President was established by Article 11 of the Constitution of Dracul, which lists the duties and responsibilities of the office of the president, electoral method of the president and vice-president, eligibility and the oath of office. Presidents serve a 4-year term, with the inaugural president being Dmitri Howie. On 5 September 2022, the Parliament officially changed the title from President to Chancellor, due to an incoming ceremonial monarch being deemed head of state.

The 1st Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dracul was Stephen Luke, having assumed office on 5 September 2022, after serving as President since 8 January 2022.

Powers and duties

As both heads of state and government, the Chancellor is tasked with representing the nation, ensuring the integrity of the nation and its government.

In accordance with article 11 of the Draculian constitution, other duties of the Chancellor are to:

  • Pardon convicted criminals
  • Issue executive orders
  • Conduct foreign affairs with other nations
  • Sign bills into law
  • Nominate ministers to the cabinet
  • Command the armed forces as commander-in-chief

List of Former Presidents, now Chancellors

No. Portrait Name
Term Vice
1 Dmitri Howie
25 September 2017
(as president)
8 January 2022
(as president)
Stephen Luke
1 Stephen Luke
8 January 2022
(as president)
5 September 2022
(as chancellor)
15 July 2023 Connor Modena
(8 Jan - 4 Dec 2022)
2 Bruce Cooper
15 July 2023 6 October 2023
3 Whisper Williams
9 October 2023