Whisper Williams

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His Excellency & Most Reverend

Whisper Williams

His Excellency
Archbishop of Dracul
Williams in 2024
ChurchChurch of Dracul
ArchdioceseArchdiocese of Bran District
ProvinceNorth Dracul
MetropolisBran District
Installed1 December 2022
PredecessorPosition established
Ordination1 November 2022
Personal details
Birth nameWhisper Williams
Born3 October 1980 (1980-10-03) (age 43)
Houston, Texas US
ResidenceHouston, Texas US
ProfessionReal Estate Investor

Whisper Williams is a founding father and the current Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dracul. Prior to the Chancellery, he held other roles, such as Attorney General and Magistrate. In a civilian capacity and on occasion, Williams also acts as the Archbishop of the Draculian Church, a non-denominational sect of Christianity.

On 24 June 2019, Williams joined the Commonwealth of Dracul with Founder Dmitri Howie and Stephen Luke. The goal was to create a micronation, that excelled in all areas of government, as well as freedom.

Early life

Whisper Williams was born on 3 October 1980 in Barcelona, Spain. Williams began his interest in politics and history, while attending High School.

Micronational career

Williams began his interest in Micronations in 2019, while watching YouTube Videos and reading forums.

Attorney General

With Dracul in need of someone with Attorney and law experience, President Dmitri Howie appointed Williams as the latest Attorney General. Through controversy within Dracul, Williams assisted in the prosecution and removal of several corrupt individuals.

2021 Vice Presidential Candidacy

Williams joined up with Stephen Luke in 2020, to announce his candidacy as 2nd Vice President, with Luke running as Dracul's 2nd President. The both of them announced their plans to better Dracul, along the lines of activity and benefits for citizens and government officials.

Military career

Williams started his military career in the Dracul Navy attaining the rank of Vice Admiral and was made Commander of the Navy. He was integral in helping create both the intelligence wing and rescue operations units of the joint services in Dracul.

With the disbanding of the Dracul Navy in 2021 Williams was administratively reduced to the rank of Major and reassigned to the Army Air Corps as Executive Officer.

With the creation of the Naval Support Battalion in the Dracul Army he was then reassigned to the battalion and made Commander of the Judge Advocate General Corps tasked with creating the military’s legal contingent.


Williams in his Dracul clergy attire, 2022.

Due to Williams's college education, particularly his degree in biblical studies, he was selected as the first Archbishop of Dracul in 2022. In this position, he established the Church of Dracul, which also carried out the first installation of Dracul's Prince.

Personal life

Outside of micronationalism, Whisper Williams spends most of his time working and participating in events and gaming sessions.

Awards and decorations

Draculian Ribbon Bar of Whisper Williams
Dracul Unit Ribbons of Whisper Williams

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