Head of State of Achsen

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The Head of State of Achsen (Portuguese: Chefe de Estado de Achsen) is the highest office of the Hanseatic and Confederate States of Achsen. The office is normally held by the King of Achsen, blending office and royal title, but it may also be held by a Regent, in the absence of the monarch. The office was nominally created in 10 January 2020, and officialy created by an Electoral College Act in 10 December 2020. From its creation Achsen have had two de facto and one nominal Head of State, respectively: Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia, bearing no title (10 December 2020 - 15 November 2020), Arthur II of Ebenthal, the current Regent (15 November 2020 - present) and Prince Bruno of Woenstein, who is expected to become the country's King.