Republic of Aswington

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Republic of Aswington
Motto: Unity and Freedom
Official languagesSpanish
GovernmentUnitary semi-parliamentary republic
Juan Cisneros
Aydan Dillon
Lennon Smith
LegislatureNational Assembly
Independence from the Popular Union of Occitania
• Independence
28 October 2018
• Estimate
Time zoneVST (UTC−4)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright

Aswington, officially the Republic of Aswington (Spanish: República de Aswington) is a self-declared independent state, commonly qualified to a micronation by foreign observers. It is located in the Carabobo state, north of Venezuela.


Aswington was founded on 3 May 2017 as an autonomous republic in the Popular Union of Occitania. Several months later, on 28 October 2018, following the dissolution of the Union, Aswington became an independent republic.

Administrative Divisions

Aswington is divided into three districts; Agdik, Armapat and Steperyan. Each district is governed by a mayor, elected by popular vote.


Aswington is a unitary semi-presidential republic, where the President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government. It has a multi-party system.

The executive power is exercised by the government, the legislative power is exercised by the National Assembly, while the judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court. The latter power is independent of the executive and legislative powers.

The president is elected for a period of two years, with the possibility of being reelected. Currently, Juan Cisneros is the President of the Republic. The Prime Minister is currently Aydan Dillon.

The legislature is the National Assembly, which consists of 10 seats. Its members are elected through electoral lists and assigned through the D'hondt system. It is responsible for the drafting and promulgation of laws or decrees.

The judicial power is constituted by the Supreme Court. It is responsible for conducting trials and issuing judicial sentences. Currently, Leonnor Smith is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Foreign Affairs

Map of embassies or diplomatic offices in Aswington.

Foreign relations and foreign affairs are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The country has embassies in other macronations. There are currently two, one located in the United States and one in the Netherlands.

Aswington is a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation and the Occitanian Commonwealth. It was one of the members of the League of Professional Nations until his dissolution.


The Aswington Defence Army is the main armed forces in the country. It has a land and air branch. It is composed of few volunteers.






Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day
8 March International Woman's Day
1 May International Worker's Day
3 May Day of the Foundation of the Republic
28 October Independence Day
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Year's Eve


There are few media outlets in Aswington, which are all state-owned. Aswington News Agency is the principal main source of news about the country, while The Republic is a newspaper that covers local and international news.

The First Channel and Second Channel are the public television channels of the country, but both currently are inactive.


The country has progressively taken an interest in sports.

Name Location Sport
Aswington Arena Armapat Checkers 8x8
Armapat Checkers Center Armapat Checkers 6x6
Commonwealth Chess Room Armapat Chess
Friendship Chess Arena Armapat Chess

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