Vice President of Aswington

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Vice President of the Republic of Aswington
Sander Koff

since 3 July 2022
StyleHis Excellency
Mr. Vice President
AppointerPresident of Aswington
Term lengthNo term limits
Formation10 May 2022

The Vice President of the Republic of Aswington (Spanish: Vicepresidente de la República de Aswington) colloquially known as the Vice President of Aswington, is the deputy head of state of the country.

It was established as a result of the constitutional reforms approved by the National Assembly, which established a presidential system.



According to the Constitution, the Vice President shall meet the same requirements as the President to assume office. That is, must be a citizen of the republic, over sixteen years of age, be a layperson and not have a judicial conviction.

Appointment and removal

The Vice President of the Republic is appointed and removed by the President of the Republic. The National Assembly may also remove the Vice President, with the votes of the absolute majority of its members.

If the National Assembly removes three vice presidents from office within the same constitutional period, the President of the Republic may dissolve the National Assembly, and would call for new elections.