Constitution of Aswington

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Constitution of the
Republic of Aswington
Cover of the Constitution
Cover of the Constitution
Ratified 30 July 2020
Authors Juan Cisneros

The Constitution of the Republic of Aswington (Spanish: Constitución de la República de Aswington) is the fundamental and supreme law of Aswington. It was adopted by the Government of the Republic on July 30, 2020.


The Constitution covers aspects about the country, its national symbols, the rights of citizens and the composition and functions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government. It also includes information on the administrative division of the country and local governments.


It has a total of 89 articles, divided into seven chapters.

  1. Basic Principles
  2. About the Citizenship
  3. Human Rights of the Citizens
  4. Powers of the State
    1. Executive Power
    2. Legislative Power
    3. Judicial Power
  5. Local Government
  6. About the Referendums
  7. About the Amendments and Reforms

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