Political parties in Aswington

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Aswington is a semi-presidential country with a multi-party system. Political parties play an important role in the democratic life of the country.

List of Political Parties


Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Chairman Seats
Alvin and the Chipmunks Party ACP Satire Centre-left Logan Ross
0 / 10
Social Democratic Party SDP Social democracy Centre-left
to left-wing
Sander Koff
1 / 10
Logo of the National Democratic Party (Small Version).png National Democratic Party NDP Social liberalism Centre-left Juan Cisneros
1 / 10
Small logo of the Labour Party of Aswington.png Labour Party LP Democratic socialism Left-wing Benjamin Pickles
2 / 10
Small logo of the New Peoples Party.png New People's Party NPP Social liberalism Centre-left Noah Woodgeard
0 / 10
Small logo of the Monarchist Party.png Monarchist Party MP Monarchism Right-wing Max Stenner
1 / 10
National Party NAP Conservatism Right-wing Andrew Perdomo
1 / 10

Historical parties


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