Rey Jr. Mancio

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The Right Honourable
Rey Jr. Mancio
President of Renderfeit
Assumed office
November 14, 2018
Predecessor Office established
Successor Current
Personal information
Born January 24, 2007 (age 16)
Citizenship Rendonese
Nationality Filipino
Residence Cebu City, Philippines
Religion Christian

Rey Jr. Mancio (born 24 January 2007), who is sometimes referred to as Rjay by his family and peers, is a Filipino micronationalist. He has been the founder and president of Renderfeit for four years.

Early Life and Education

Rey Jr. Mancio is the third child of Rey Mancio and Mary Jean Barco. He was born on January 24, 2007 in Cebu City, Philippines. He is known for his intellect, which was evident from a young age when he questioned his teacher's writing of the number "1" and insisted on a small slope at the top and an underline at the bottom.

Rjay developed a love for history and cars and spent most of his time in kindergarten to Grade 2 reading encyclopedias and playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

He studied at Pardo Elementary School for his elementary years and Pardo National High School for the first two years of Junior High. He was a Special Science Class student for eight years before transferring to Abellana National School.

Personal Life and Political Views

He lives and grew up in Cebu City, Philippines, but traces his earlier roots to Madridejos (Bantayan Island), Cebu, which makes him quadrilingual. He speaks English, Filipino, Cebuano, and Bantayanon. Rjay enjoys reading about domestic and global politics, Philippine laws, and jurisprudence. He also likes watching movies and documentaries on Netflix and YouTube and occasionally reads books and novels. His favorite so far is Hide by Lisa Gardner.

Apart from his involvement in micronationalism, Rjay is a social democrat and a constitutional reformist. He is currently a member of Kabataang Nagkakaisa sa Diwa at Layuning ng Sambayanan (KANDILA). He believes that the only plausible and effective way to alleviate the problems in his home country, the Philippines, is through amending the 1987 Constitution and building a federal-parliamentary Philippines without constitutionally-enshrined economic restrictions. He also believes that an egalitarian society can be achieved by implementing the principles of social democracy and social justice.

In addition to his views on the national scale, he believes that the identity and language of the Visayan people must be upheld without prejudice. He is a regionalist who believes that the Province and City of Cebu can thrive even better if granted higher autonomy, approximately equivalent to that of a federated state in federal countries.

Micronational career


Rjay founded the Republic of Renderfeit in 14 November 2018 and wrote its first constitution, Presidential Laws of the State, 30 years thereafter. His term as President started from that point of Renderfeit's creation and had led Renderfeit as some kind of pseudo-dictatorial regime, having consolidated 30 members in its peak, all composed of not more than 13 years old. During his tenure, he supervised the process of the first Renderfeit Senatorial Elections in Summer 2019 inline with the 2019 Philippine national midterm elections, and created the Renderfeit Army a month prior of the latter.

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