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Free Rendonese State
Malayang Estadong Rendones
Flag of Renderfeit.svg
CapitalDistrict of New Maison
Official languagesFormal
Officially secular
-Iglesia ni Cristo
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional republic
• President
Kahlil Laurence A. Rallestan
• Prime Minister
Rey Jr. Mancio (RNP)
Dhrubajyoti Roy (IND)
• Foundation Day
14 November 2018
• First constitution
11 December 2018
• Current constitution
27 June 2021
• Total
100 km2 (39 sq mi)
• 2021 census
CurrencyPhilippine Peso (PHP, ₱)
Driving sideleft
ISO 3166 code[[ISO 3166-2:Template:ISO 3166 code|Template:ISO 3166 code]]

The Free Rendonese State (Filipino: Malayang Estadong Rendones), otherwise referred to as Renderfeit is a self-declared independent state typically referred to as a Micronation

by external observers and some states. The State is located in Cebu City, Philippines mainly operating in Barangay Inayawan. The State is equipped with a unitary-parliamentary system of government headed by a President. The State occupies only 104 sq. meters as its absolute territory otherwise referred to as the District of New Maison under direct administration of the Parliament of Renderfeit. The official languages of the State is English, Filipino, and Cebuano, and is in current use till today.

The State has been established back in November 14, 2018 as the Republic of Renderfeit, equipped with a hyperpresidential political system occupying territory slightly larger than the present territories. It has been founded by the Presidential Laws of the State. Some would believe that the State is a direct predecessor of the Hosati Scouting Group which is an independent scouting organization unaffiliated with other international scouting bodies.


The name "Renderfeit" has no clear origin whatsoever, however it has been used in a small simulationist 1800 European-style politics by a state referred as Renderfeit greatly inspired with the cultures and politics of Germany and Korea.


Early History

The Free Rendonese State was founded in November 14, 2018 at Barangay Inayawan, Cebu City, first known as the Republic of Renderfeit with a hyperpresidential system of government as provided by the very first constitution of the State with the guidance of the Senate of Renderfeit. The early Republic had been the republic whom have accumulated the most citizens in the history of the State which had reached up to 30, but was deeply unorganized as all members are on or under the age of 13 at that time. However deeply unorganized, they cannot be labeled as unsuccessful in their social affairs as they had organized for a Christmas Caroling in Christmas 2018 with the majority of its members and President Rey Jr. Mancio participating the activity. They altogether accumulated more than P200 on several nights and all evenly split among the participants for their participation, none however was left for the treasury. The Republic was then renamed as the Children's Republic of Renderfeit and continued to use the new name until April 2019.

On the Children's Republic goes the performance of the first Senatorial Elections organized in coordination with the 2019 Philippine general elections while a campaign of the local Cebu City Barug PDP-Laban Party is ongoing in their neighborhood. The turnout of results are as follows:

  1. Rhealit Rigodon
  2. Rayzel Rigodon
  3. Shairemel Gonato
  4. Risha Melle Gonato

Diplomatic modernization

After months of being unrecognized and moving on their own devices, Renderfeit, now the People's Federal Democratic Republic of Renderfeit started to reach with other micronations via the Micronations group on Facebook. There was how Renderfeit was discovered by HSH Rameses I of the Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis informing and reaching to the President about the existence of the Association of Micronations in the Philippine Islands. With no hesitations and being full of excitement, the President then coordinated with His Highness for Renderfeit's admission to the AMPI, and became a member of the Association since 10 June 2019 till this day. After maintaining close connections with the Association, the State then bridged measures for the establishment of relations to the members of the AMPI especially the Independent State of Kaleido and the Republic of Gerussia.

Before establishing connections with the aforementioned, the State first had relations with the Bravian Republic of Gugutanea and of the Commonwealth of Friends Society which are still allies with their successors which are the Southern Confederation of Angosvria and the State of Vishwamitra respectively. Afterwards, and with the help of Dhrubajyoti Roy, the Monarch of the State of Vishwamitra, the State established alliances with Karnia-Ruthenia, Kingdom of Ebenthal, Pibocip, and others.

Conflict with Vishwamitra

During August to November 2020, the State of Vishwamitra had been on their reactivation process and is extremely active in their diplomacy and is trying to maintain ties with the Philippine Micronational Community. The relations however severed due to the alleged interference of the internal matters of the Ruslavian Federation and the Federated State of Gerussia over the ongoing constant transition of Ruslavia[1] in its political system. The government of the People's Republic of Renderfeit, being caught in the middle of the issue, decided to confront the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra of what has happened, and thinking that the same is happening in Renderfeit, treated Vishwamitra the opposite however knowing the real truth that the interference of Vishwamtira was for the fostering of the micronations. Therefore, the AMPI intervened in the issue, and concluded that the State of Vishwamitra will be declared Persona non Grata and was declared as Category Zero of the Philipine Institute for Parapolitical, Micronationalist, and Alternative Political Studies (PIPMAPS).

Both states officially revoked their ties in November 2020 and eventually reestablished relations in

Politics and government

The Free Rendonese State is administered using a parliamentary system in a unitary structure of territorial administration, therefore easier to operate. The administration had been divided by the Constitution into three instrumental branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial.


The executive branch is divided into two parts: the Presidency, and the Council of Government.


The Presidency refers to the Office of the President of the Free Rendonese State. The President is mostly responsible for ceremonial matters, ratification of laws, and acting as the image of unity of the Free Rendonese State. The past constitutions of the Free Rendonese State provides the President powers as the head of both State and Government, and was solely responsible for the administration of the State over social issues. After the ratification of the 2021 Constitution, the President became a ceremonial role rather than a politically-powerful one.

Prime Minister and cabinet

The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government of the Free Rendonese State, elected by the National Assembly of Renderfeit from among its respected members, or by his party after winning each general elections. The Prime Minister is guided with his Cabinet altogether known as the Government Council that

  1. Issues on the constant transition of Ruslavia is still ongoing as of this moment.