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Kingdom of Braspor
Flag of Braspor
Coat of arms of Braspor
Coat of arms
"Deum benedicite micronatio"
"God Bless this micronation"
and largest city
Official languagesPortuguese
Ethnic groups (2020)TBD
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
02 September 2018
• 2020 estimate
CurrencyReal (R$)a (BRL)
Time zoneBRT (UTC−3)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+55
  1. The official currency is the Brasporan Real. The Brazilian Real is used as common currency.
  2. official website

The 'Reino de Braspor' is a derivative micronation claimed as a home territory one house in the city of São Paulo, has an active population of at least 16 citizens. The capital Braspor is the only and most populous city in the country founded by King Matheus on September 2, 2018. It has Portuguese as native languages, while English is widely considered a working language. Deeply inspired by the culture of Brazil, Braspor is a monarchy commited to the Treaty of Persenburg and the Goetha Protocol and is a state-member of the Conference of Santiago.


The etymology of the word Braspor braspor (pronounced Brespor) are the initials of the founder's last name. BRAga & PORto.


Braspor started when its founder Matheus, indignant with the rising waves of crime and corruption in Brazil, researching things about small countries like Monaco Vatican Palau, and found articles about micro nations. Among these articles he found about Sealand, it was when he became interested and started to see about other micro nations, as was the case of the Republic of Kugelmugel, Kingdom of Talossa and Imperio Deltariano. That was when he decided to found his own micronation on 2/9/2018.

Geography and climate

Braspor is a house with just over 214 square meters. The micronation is surrounded by the city of São Paulo, located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is urbanized, has a tropical climate of altitude, with average annual temperature between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius and sporadic frost in some places during the winter.

Government and politics

Braspor is a constitutional monarchy in which the King holds a strong political and institutional power, concentrating the executive power exercised by decrees. The Constitution was granted throughout its foundation in September 2018, and underwent some modifications in early 2019. Its authority over national affairs is shared with a team of ministers, who in turn are appointed with competitions that take place every year. and are open to the general public, this means that people from other micro nations or non-enthusiasts can become kingdom ministers. The ruling dynasty is the Casa de Souza Marques, a recently noble family, who proclaimed the establishment of the kingdom and occupied its throne since 2018.


Braspor does not yet have a strong defense force, but sources report that it has a small air force formed by drones, the infantry is in charge of 4 volunteers from the population, the function of the volunteers would be to operate the drones and act on commemorative dates such as the day of independence. Sources report that the probability of starting a space program is being studied.

Foreign policy

Active in the Brazilian sector, the kingdom is rapidly evolving in the diplomatic area, having gained much prominence by ratifying the Treaty of Persenburg, the Protocol of Goetha and the Convention of Mauritsstad, as well as becoming a member of the Conference of Santiago.


The kingdom's economy is in a primary internship, although it has some means of establishing the economy: Braspor currently sells agricultural products such as coffee, popcorn and beans, and textile products such as flags and personalized shirts, brooches and stamps. The economy had a great fall due to the covid pandemic, other alternatives are being studied to return the situation and increase the PIB.


Braspor does not have any official religion, because the population has more than one religion. The predominant religion is Protestantism with practice in more than 80% of the population.


The official language of the kingdom is the Portuguese language, being spoken by 100% of its population. English and Spanish are considered diplomatic languages.


Braspor has a culture still in its early stages, most of which comes (as part of the Brazilian territory) from states like São Paulo and Bahia. One of the cultural characteristics would be art, including music and cinema.






Braspor is a fan of several sports, among which he can stand out: football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming and athletics, however, he only has a national team with futsal. It speculates whether the creation of a national micro selection of online games. Currently, only futsal, with the name of Braspor indoor soccer confederation, is in operation.

National holidays

January 1: beginning of the year March 8: women's day May 1: Labor Day May 16: entrance to the Santiago conference September 2: Independence September 11: King's birthday December 25: Christmas

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