Travis I, Grand Duke of Westarctica

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Grand Duke of Westarctica
Overlord of Calsahara
Sultan of Raphania
Baron of Flandrensis
Portrait of Grand Duke Travis
Grand Duke of Westarctica
First reign30 June 2004 – 14 January 2006
PredecessorThrone established
Second reign21 September 2012 – present
King of Calsahara
Reign24 November 2009 – October 2013
SuccessorSelf, as Grand Duke of Westarctica
Consul-General of the Achaean Territory
In office
12 September 2001 – 6 June 2004
Preceded byPosition established
BornTravis McHenry
1980 (age 44)

His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Travis (birth name Travis McHenry) is the founder and current Head of State of Westarctica, a micronation, new country project, and environmental non-profit corporation.

The Grand Duke has been involved with various micronations, and has founded three of his own, starting in 1996 with the Kingdom of Casbah, then Westarctica in 2001, and finally Calsahara in 2009. In between these projects, he served as a governor for two provinces of Molossia.

Early life

Travis McHenry began his life in 1980. When his great-grandfather died, the one-year-old infant inherited the title Baron of Dunluce Castle, stemming from his family’s ancestral lands in Northern Ireland and the various domains controlled by the O’Neil Clan during the early 1600s.

His first real position of leadership came in 1995 when he founded the break-away Kingdom of Casbah in rural Pennsylvania. Travis was proclaimed Maharaja, and ruled the agrarian nation with an iron fist. As a result of his various eccentricities and demanding temperament, he was overthrown twice, with the second usurpation resulting in his exile and the collapse of Casbah’s government in October 2000. The events of his reign in Casbah were later satirized in the stage play Delusions of Grandeur.


In late 2001, he discovered a loop hole in the Antarctic Treaty which legally allowed him to claim a huge swath of land on the Antarctic continent for himself. This area was initially called The Achaean Territory, but became a fully functioning nation named Westarctica in 2004.

Travis took the title Grand Duke and ruled Westarctica as a peaceful and progressive monarch. During this time, he made many diplomatic friendships with other international leaders and did much to advance the recognition of Westarctica among member-governments of the United Nations. Grand Duke Travis ruled Westarctica until 2006 when he turned over the reigns of government to his successor Grand Duke Philip.

On 3 June 2010, Travis reclaimed the throne of Westarctica from Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence and promptly proclaimed Westarctica a protectorate. He would return to a reestablished throne as Grand Duke Travis in 2012.

Involvement With Molossia

Immediately following his abdication of the Westarctican throne, Travis was approached by President Baugh of Molossia and offered a position as Grand Admiral of the Molossian Navy. He graciously accepted the ceremonial military post and shortly thereafter was appointed to the post of Governor of New Antrim, a ten-acre Molossian protectorate in Pennsylvania.

King Montague in Molossia

During his service with Molossia, Grand Admiral Travis fought in the War with Mustachistan, which lasted for two months in 2006. The Grand Admiral served with distinction on the Eastern Front by leading the Molossian Navy to victory in the Battle of Lake Jean, a feat for which he was awarded the Mustachistan War Medal. As Governor he successfully mediated the New Antrim Tobacco Crisis in 2007. Travis served as Governor of New Antrim from 2006 until the dissolution of New Antrim in late 2008.

Not one to go unemployed for long, in early 2009, President Baugh asked Travis to continue his service to Molossia by becoming the Governor-General of Desert Homestead, a Molossian province in southern California. While the hot, desolate province was a dramatic change from the green forests and flowing rivers of New Antrim, Travis accepted the post and began his tenure as Governor-General. His accomplishments included the clearing of rubbish from Desert Homestead, and the construction of Baugh Terrace, a monument to the Baugh family.

King of Calsahara

Travis acquired 2.5 acres of barren land in the California Valley and founded the nation of Calsahara in November 2009, proclaiming himself king of the new country. In an unusual move, Travis decided to adopt a regnal name, and chose the name Montague. Since ascending the throne, King Montague has developed Calsahara into a thriving micronation with a rich, diverse culture.

Personal life

King Montague is a professional actor, frequently appearing on stage, film, and television. In addition to acting, he has written many books including Tales of Terror, Delusions of Grandeur, The Warrior Poet, and his best-selling book, Into the Abyss: The Memoirs of a Paranormal Adventurer.

He resides in Las Vegas.

Honors and awards

Grand Duke Travis has received numerous awards, knighthoods, and honorary military appointments as a result of his diplomatic outreach and cooperation with foreign nations.

Honors of Westarctica and its Territories

Foreign Honors

  • Order of the Pebble, 2022
  • Commonwealth of Dracul Historian of Dracul, 2020
  • Order of the Empire of Agber, 2020
  • Slabovia King's Mark of Friendship, 2019
  • Slabovia Slabovian Friendship Medal, 2019
  • Queen-Consort's Fellowship, 2019
  • Order of the Double Samara, 2019
  • Order of the Snail, 2019
  • Aerican Empire Better Weirder World Medal, 2019
  • West Who West Who Medal of Friendship, 2019
  • Grand Duchy of Danduros Danduros Medal of Friendship, 2019
  • Slabovia MicroCon 2019 Commemorative Attendance Medal, 2019
  • Principality of Beremagne Order of the Ecological Merit of Beremagne, 2019
  • Order of the Glennish Empire, 2019
  • Empire of Angyalistan Order of the Golden Sextant, 2018
  • Medal of Micronational Excellence, 2017
  • Molossia The Desert Palm, 2017
  • Empire of Pavlov Order of the Flat Earth, 2016
  • Order of the Sconnish Poppy, 2015
  • Principality of Aigues-Mortes Grand Order of the Pink Flamingo, 2015
  • Order of the Lion Rampant (defunct), 2015
  • Ruritania Order of the Blue Primrose, 2015
  • Knight of Shiloh, 2012
  • Order of the Dragon (defunct), 2012
  • Order of the Lion (defunct), 2011
  • Molossia Friendship Medal, 2011
  • Order of the Star (defunct), 2010
  • Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Flandrensis, 2010
  • Austenasia Imperial Knight of the Austenasian Order, 2010
  • Great Order of Vikesland (defunct), 2010
  • Order of the Rifle (defunct), 2010
  • Order of Honor (defunct), 2010
  • Molossia Mustachistan War Medal, 2006
  • Grand Republic of Cycoldia Order of Christina I, 2022

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