Order of the Pebble

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Order of the Pebble
Medal of a Knight in the Order of the Pebble
Awarded by the Grand Emir of Raphania
TypeOrder of chivalry
Established10 October 2021
Awarded for"Service in the betterment of Raphania and the micronational community"
StatusNo longer awarded
Grand MasterCharles I
First induction22 October 2021
Last induction6 August 2022
Total inductees3
Next (higher)Order of Goree

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The Order of the Pebble is a Raphanian order of chivalry that was awarded to those individuals who had gone above and beyond in their actions to support and improve the micronational community, namely in regards to Raphania. The order was created as a single batch of medals and following the awarding of every medal within the batch, the order was retired, no longer allowing for new members to be inducted.


Membership was open to all individuals within the micronational community, however special attention was paid to those found within Raphania and/or those who possessed a Raphanian citizenship.

Grand Master

The role of Grand Master for the Order of the Pebble is held by the monarch of Raphania and is the only position within the order which is allowed to chage with subsequent monarchs being allowed to continue on the order. Currently this spot belongs to Grand Emir Charles I.

Name Nation Date of Receiving Status
Charles I  Raphania 10 October 2021 Founded order

Knight Commander

Name Nation Date of Receiving Status
Tony of Garretsburg  Raphania 22 October 2021 First inductee


Name Nation Date of Receiving Status
Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia  Grand Republic of Cycoldia 2 November 2021 Honorary
Travis I, Grand Duke of Westarctica  Westarctica 6 August 2022 Final inductee

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