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Westarctican Colony of Raphania
Colonia Westarctican de Raphania
Possession of Westarctica
Raphania My Love!
Map of Raphania showing the interim national territory (red).
Map of Raphania showing the interim national territory (red).
Sovereign state Westarctica
First Established8 February 2007
Westarctian Annexation19 November 2022
Recognized languagesSpanish
• Monarch
Travis I
• Viceroy
Sir Charles
• Prime Minister
M. Ibrahim

Raphania, formally known as the Sultanate of Raphania or Westarctican Colony of Raphania, is a micronation located within northwestern Oregon and central Arizona. It became a colony of Westarctica in November 2022.

Pre-Colonial history

Raphania's creation was heavily inspired by the experiences of its creator, a micronationalist since 2007. As such, the creator's former micronation Phokland (Raphania's first incarnation) as well as the micronation of Dracul, in which he had heavy involvement, played large parts in inspiring the nature and makeup of Raphistan as well as its institutions. Additionally, great inspiration was taken from the Republic of Molossia and the Kingdom of Calsahara, both of which are desert-based micronations operating under a similar mindset to Raphania, that being to portray themselves as a unique project of creativity all the while embracing the eccentric nature of their very existence. To a lesser extend, the colony also takes inspiration from the micronation of Vikesland.

The country attributes its name to the Catholic Archangel and Saint Raphael.

Following a civil conflict with the previous regime, Raphania's government assumed operation of the nation on 12 April 2022, after the toppling of the regime of the Desert Realm of Raphistan under the leadership of Shah Alexander.


After achieving independence, the nation operated as an Emirate with its creator Charles Ross becoming Emir. Under the new government, Raphania began establishing diplomatic relations with several other micronations, created a national website and attended MicroCon 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

War with Westarctica

Main article: Raphania-Westarctica War

On 26 October 2022, Grand Emir Charles declared war on Westarctica, citing what he believed was the country's illegal annexation of the Colony of Calsahara.

Grand Duke Travis immediately informed the Westarctican Minister of Defense and directed the mobilization of the Westarctican Royal Guard in preparation for a full-scale invasion of Raphanian territories. The same day, "Royal Decree RD-2022-004: War With Raphania" was issued by the Grand Duke and forwarded to the Westarctican Prime Minister for approval.

On 10 November 2022, Westarctica successfully occupied the Raphanian territory in Operation: MOCK TORTOISE. After peace negotiations were concluded on 19 November 2022, Raphania became a colony of Westarctica with its now deposed Emir becoming colonial Viceroy.


Raphania's Coat of Arms

Raphania is divided into two areas of administration, its capital city of Wiskova and its satellite city of Bregusland.

The capitol was created following the government's move from Arizona to the American pacific-northwest and consists of a residential structure, a public park and wooded nature preserve. Wiskova is notable for being only a temporary capital and stands to serve only until a more permanent property of land can be purchased for the nation.

The city of Bregusland consists only of a residential property in central Arizona and is a remanent of Raphania's previous territorial holdings.

Colonial government

Grand Duke Travis and Prince Charles at MicroCon 2022.

The Colony of Raphania is controlled by the Grand Duke of Westarctica, who rules as the colony's Sultan. However, the day to day operations are of Raphania are managed by a Royal Viceroy bearing the ceremonial title of "prince." The current viceroy is Prince Charles of Raphania.

Raphania's legal codes are limited to the Constitution of Westarctica and the Treaty of Unification Between Westarctica and Raphania, although the Royal Viceroy is authorized to pass additional ordinances as needed to maintain order in the colony.

The colony’s bureaucracy is managed by the Raphanian Colonial Office, an organization headed by the Viceroy of Raphania and to whom all Raphanian ministers answer.


Before its defeat, the Raphanian Royal Corps of Discovery (abbreviated to RRCD) served as Raphania's military/policing body. While the Grand Emir served as Commander-in-Chief by default, the Supreme Commander of the RRCD was Raphistan's Prime Minister.

Following annexation, Raphania was allowed to garrison a small national guard to protect its colonial territory, this force is known as the Royal Air Defense Force (RADF) and is commanded by the Viceroy.

Raphania is also permitted to remain a member of the North American Charter Organization (NACO), a regional defense agreement, and therefor maintains a defensive pact with the other NACO memberstates...

Foreign Relations

Then-Grand Emir Charles (left) poses with Stephen and Emperor AP of Aeternia (left center and right center) and Princess Cloe of Sancratosia (right) in front of the Las Vegas welcome sign at MicroCon 2022.

Although Westarctica handles most foreign affairs of Raphania, their Treaty of Unification permits the Raphanian Royal Viceroy to manage the colony's trade relationships as well as representation in inter-micronational governmental organizations. In addition, to allow for internal growth, Raphania is permitted to accept new members as colonial subjects, though they are not granted Westarctican citizenship.

International organizations

Raphania is presently a member of three super-national groups.

Official relations

Under Raphania's devolved authority, the colony maintains regular relations with several micronations.

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