Flag of Raphania

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Colonial Flag of Raphania.

The Flag of Raphania (nicknammed the "Black-striped Banner") is the colonial ensign which serves as the standard of the Westarctican Colony of Raphania. The current design was adopted on 18 August 2023 when Raphania adopted its current constitution.

Current flag

The present colonial standard of the Colony of Raphania consists of a green, white and red horizontal tri-color featuring a vertical black bar on the canter adorned with a crown. The flag was designed by Raphanian Viceroy Sir Charles Ross in late-2023.

Historical flags

Prior to joining Westarctica, Raphania used a series of other flags during its time as an independent micronation.

Flag Nickname Date Adopted Date Retired Nation Name (at time of adoption)
"Peace flag" 19 November 2022 18 August 2023 Colony of Raphania
"The Grand Prototype" 8 April 2022 19 November 2022 Grand Emirate of Raphania
"Shah's Standard" August 2021 8 April 2022 Desert Realm of Raphistan

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