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Kingdom of Winterspell
Flag of Winterspell
Emblem of Winterspell
Motto: ^help
Anthem: Spirit of Colorado by Susan H. Day
Largest cityChâteau-Andreas
Official languagesNone
Recognised national languagesEnglish and French
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Petrus I
• Grand Duke
Hunter of Stars
• Chancellor
Grayson H.
• Prime Minister
Kayla B.
• Established
13 April 2017
• Monarchy Established
10 December 2017
• Current Constitution
29 September 2018
• Total
8.99 km2 (3.47 sq mi)
• Current estimate
• 2021 census
CurrencyWinterspell Valen (WSV)
Time zoneMST (UTC-7)

The Kingdom of Winterspell (French: Royaume de Winterspell), officially known simply as Winterspell, is a mostly digital micronation based in the US state of Colorado. It is in control of several residences and public areas. Winterspell is populated by 92 citizens, all located on the nation's Discord server. Winterspell is a semi-constitutional monarchy ruled by the nation's first and only monarch, King Petrus I.

Winterspell was initially the name of an exclusive club in the Minecraft city of Linsonkeep. On 13 April 2017, a Discord server was created for the club. By December the same year, the monarchy was established crowning club co-founder Pierce (Petrus) the king.

The Kingdom has no discernable economy but maintains a PayPal money pool that takes in donations so that one-day flags, merch, and other such things may be purchased.


Minecraft Era

Winterspell was first built in the spring of 2016 as 'The Winterspell Club' in Minecraft by Pierce A. (now King Petrus) and Hunter L. (now Grand Duke Hunter). It was a one-story building with a single room featuring a large fireplace on the back wall. The building served as an exclusive club for the city only open to friends of the founders. The club featured 'membership jackets' made of black dyed leather tunics.

Early Discord Era

Discord Server

On April 13th of 2017, a Discord server was created as a breakaway from another moderately-sized server named "The Chat of the People". This new server was titled "Winterspell Club Est. 2016" in reference to the original club. The server was initially run by a small group of admins known as 'Lords'. Each lord wielded nearly limitless power on the server to moderate and modify anything. On May 15th of 2017, the first constitution was created. This constitution was made up of several 'Acts', half of which were more jokes than rules.

Establishment of the Monarchy

From left: Prince Jackson, Prince Quinn, King Petrus I, Prince Hunter. Taken 3 November 2019 near Vetrône.

Leading up to December 10th 2017, there had been a call from now Baron Aidan L. to add more roles to the server. These were created as different titles of nobility, each achievable through different means but mostly managed through nepotism by the admins. On the 10th, along with the new nobility, a monarchy was established crowning Lord Pierce as the monarch and Lords Aidan L, Hunter L, Jackson W, and Quinn J. as princes. These five acted as the executive, legislative, and judicial authority within the kingdom. During this period, Winterspell's early 'Houses' (now guilds) saw their origin. Houses served as a way to group close friends under a unified banner or in the early days, colour.

Constitutional Era

The New Winterspell Constitution

On September 28th of 2018, a constitutional convention was convened in Château-Andreas. In attendance was King Petrus, Prince Jackson, and Prince Quinn. The goal of the assembly was to draft a new constitution as the old one didn't meet the standards set by the Winterspell populace. The first draft of the constitution outlined the basic function of the monarchy and nobility as well as outlining the rights of Winterspell members [1]. Some, albeit few, of the original acts were carried over to the new constitution. This document has served as the official constitution since ratification.

Marquis and the Establishment of Parliament

It was decided in January of 2019 that a more representative system of government was required for the smooth operation of legislative functions and to allow for all members to participate if they should so choose. The first iteration of the Winterspell Parliament was composed of the monarch (subsequent parliaments of this system did not include the monarch), princes, and marquis (based on House population) appointed by the head of each House. The First Parliament was inaugurated on January 15th. It remained Winterspell's most active parliamentary term for a long time despite the fact that near the end of its two-month term, half of its members had either resigned or gone on hiatus.

House of House of House

Flag of the House of House of House used before the June Concordat

The House of House of House dubbed the 'Red Menace' by King Petrus, held a majority of seats in parliament for seven nearly consecutive terms. HHH was run at the time by Ben C, though most of its functions in parliament were overseen by now Chancellor Grayson H. This dominance allowed for a lot of corruption within the government especially for favourites of either the monarch or HHH itself. During this time, members of the house found themselves achieving high ranks and titles within the server with minimal effort. This corruption lasted until Grayson made the decision to step back from parliament.

A Bicameral Parliament

The idea of a bicameral system of parliament was originally tossed around during the constitutional convention, but it wasn't attempted until November of 2019. Parliament featured two houses: The House of Commons, made up of members elected from the general populace, and the Lord's Room made up of the monarch and princes. This system proved to be ineffectual and sluggish. It often took legislation days or even weeks to pass and members of both houses needed near constant reminder to vote on parliament matters. This had been a stark contrast to the previously quick method of parliamentary voting.

February 11, 2020

On 11 February 2020, a heated argument within the Lord's Room (the upper house of parliament) regarding the monarch's use of his power led to Princes Jackson and Quinn leaving the Discord server and the kingdom as a whole. Parliament was then disbanded by King Petrus. Winterspell underwent many changes following the exodus of princes. All houses were disbanded and all title promotions were temporarily frozen. During this time, The monarch and remaining princes, with the help of other members of the server worked to try and return the server to a more unified community and ease any tensions that had been developed over the prior few months. Two new princes (Ben C. and Nick R.) were appointed to fill the empty roles. Parliament was reinstated soon thereafter in a unicameral form with only elected members. This ran relatively uninterrupted until 1 June, 2020.

The June Concordat

Following the second ban of Lord Karsen B, the veto of that ban, and the overturn of that veto, tensions within the government had grown high with some voices calling for a change to how parliament was to operate and how other server functions should be modified to make a more fair environment. These ideas were drafted by King Petrus with help from members of parliament, former princes, and close friends into what became the June Concordat [2]. The Concordat altered chiefly how parliament operated adding the idea of a 'session of parliament' where all MPs would convene in a voice call to debate and vote on proposed legislation. It also served to create an established judiciary, a new system for houses separating them into two new categories, and modify outdated legislation. After the Concordat was passed, parliament was again disbanded to make way for the change.

Modern Winterspell

Since the passage and implementation of the June Concordat, Winterspell has gone through three, four-term parliaments. On October 6th, 2020, Winterspell reached 100 members prompting the proposal of a Prime minister position in parliament. This passed unanimously and Duke Joey R. was elected. There has been next to no controversy or notable events since.

There has lately been a push by King Petrus to bring Winterspell more into the physical world. This has resulted in the creation of five new administrative regions and three cities. Despite this, the vast majority of the Winterspell population does not live in the nation's territory and has expressed little desire to.


The Winterspell government is made up of three branches, the Monarch, Parliament, and the Supreme Court who serve as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches respectively.


King Petrus standing on top of a frozen Smith Lake

The Monarch is the head of state and the title is passed down hereditarily using absolute primogeniture. The monarch may make 'Royal Decrees' which are often used to modify legislation or declare new holidays. The monarch may also appoint 'Royal Advisors' who work as both moderators of the Discord server and as the name suggests, advisors to the monarch. The official powers of the monarch have never been thoroughly defined so it is thought that the throne wields nearly limitless power.

Order of Succession

Those in line for the throne are underlined and numbered accordingly.

  • John Anderson (b. 1973) m. Holly Hofstetter (b. 1975)


Parliament is composed of members elected from the general populace every four months. Parliament votes on proposed legislation and higher-level title appointments. There is one seat in parliament for every 12 members of Winterspell. Parliament is run by the Prime Minister who is elected at the start of each term. They have the ability to call for a 'session of parliament' and run all discussion around proposals. The prime minister is not allowed to speak or vote on a proposal so long as they hold the position, but the role of 'acting PM' can be temporarily handed off to another MP. The Winterspell parliament is composed mostly of politically independent members, but features representation from the Kilt Party [3].

Prime Ministers

Winterspell has had two prime ministers in its history.

Name Title During Office Beginning of Term End of Term
Joey R. Duke 4 November, 2020 15 February, 2021
Kayla B. Baroness 16 February, 2021 Incumbent

Supreme Court

The court is made up of three justices appointed by the monarch and confirmed by parliament. They preside over all civil and criminal cases. The term for justice is one year, after which they are either reappointed or replaced [4]. The supreme court currently only has two justices out of the three it needs.

Administrative Divisions

Winterspell is broken up into five physical areas though they account for only about 3% of the population.

Name Abrv. Capital Seigneur Area (km2) Population
Duchy of Taylor TL Vetrône King Petrus I 8.37 0
County of Provenance PV Château-Andreas King Petrus I 0.52 2
County of Spicy McLand SL Freshwater City Countess Kelsey B. 0.00 1
Roosevelt Territory RV N/A King Petrus I 0.03 0
Starbucks Territory SB N/A King Petrus I 0.01 0

Houses and Guilds

Following the passage of the June Concordat, Houses were reintroduced and Guilds were created.


Houses in Winterspell are familial organizations similar to historical 'Houses of Nobility'.

Name CoA Headquarters Members Founder Current Head Founding Date
Maison d'Andreas Andreas.jpg Palais de Taylor, Vetrône TL, WS 3 King Petrus I King Petrus I April 13, 2017
House of Stars Of Stars.jpg Link House, Firestone CO, USA 3 Grand Duke Hunter of Stars Grand Duke Hunter of Stars April 13, 2017


Guilds are the replacement for the early houses. They are more social and overall freer organizations of people.

Name Flag Headquarters Members Founder Current Head Founding Date
Guild of Chängr Guild of Chängr.jpg The Joan Rogge Park Bench, RV, WS 19 Baroness Aimee E. Baroness Aimee E. June 6, 2020
Feel Good Energy Feel Good Energy.jpg Greenwich NY, USA 10 Lord Karsen B. Lord Karsen B. June 1, 2020
Guild of Guild of Guild Guild of Guild of Guild.png Longmont High School, Longmont CO, USA 8 Ben C. Baroness Kayla B. October 2, 2018
Guild of Table Guild of Table.jpg Longmont High School, Longmont CO, USA 6 Duke Joey R. Duke Joey R. October 6, 2020
Guilde de Taylor Guilde de Taylor.jpg Palais de Taylor, Vetrône TL, WS 7 King Petrus I King Petrus I August 18, 2020


Observed Holidays

The Kingdom of Winterspell recognizes and celebrates a great many holidays, some of which are taken seriously.

Date Name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrating the new year.
January 8 Gnome Takeover Day Celebrating the idea of a 'gnome takeover'.
April 13 Winterspell Day Celebrating the anniversary of Winterspell's Discord founding.
April 22 Earth Day Celebrating the planet we call home.
May 21 International Tea Day Celebrating tea.
June 10 Doughnut Day Eating doughnuts.
June 28 Formal Day Dressing up.
August 1 Stand Under a Bush Day It is unknown what this holiday is supposed to be about.
August 20 Voyager 2 Day Celebrating Voyager 2 and its great accomplishment.
August 23 yaD sdrawkcaB A day of speaking backwards.
September 1-7 Culture Week Celebrating world cultures.
September 5 Voyager 1 Day Celebrating Voyager 1 and its great accomplishment.
October 9 Leif Erikson Day Celebrating the first European to visit North America.
October 23 Fallout Day Celebrating Bethesda's predicted day of 'total atomic annihilation'.
December 25 Hanging of the Raiders A day of giving.

Culture Week

The first culture week was celebrated in 2017 and was to celebrate German culture. Subsequent years have celebrated Russia, Austria, and Sweden. Culture week in Winterspell is often host to the showing of films, creation of music playlists, translation of all Discord server channel names and titles, and other such festive activities. It is often hailed as the most successful thing to happen in a year.


Religion in Winterspell (2021)

  Christian (4.3%)
  Teaist (2.2%)
  Mormon (1.1%)
  None/Atheist (3.3%)
  Undeclared (89.1%)

Winterspell has no established religion, but has members of several. In early 2021, King Petrus created the Teaist faith believing simply in the divinity of tea.

News and Media

Winterspell is host to three newspapers and a broadcasting company most of which are organized under the newly created WS Media Alliance.

Winterspell News

The Winterspell News is the oldest form of publication in the Kingdom of Winterspell [5]. Although quite rare, it has put out 4 issues often reporting on international crises and internal events. It is run by King Petrus and is not a publication run by the state despite being by the crown.

WS Media Alliance

On 18 March, 2021 much of Winterspell’s news and media were organized under a newly created ‘media alliance’. This move was spearheaded by Lord Karsen B [6]. The alliance consists of three media entities: Chängr News, The Bravura, and Polybox Broadcasting.


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