Winterspell Nobility

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Winterspell Nobility is a collection of hereditary and non-hereditary titles. It consists of the titles grand duke, duke, count, and baron. Titles are administered by the monarch who reserves the right to grant and revoke titles at any time. There are currently eight landed titles, and one unlanded.

List of titles and title holders

Title Holder Heir Date created Monarch
Grand Duke under Winterspell Grand Duke Hunter of Stars Meadow of Stars 1 June 2020 Petrus I
Duke of Eztia Duchess Kelsey Brown Indeterminate 5 October 2021
Duke of Taylor King Petrus I Princess Olivia 3 March 2021
Duke of Standingway Duke Nathaniel Wheaton Non-hereditary 1 August 2020
Count of Provevance King Petrus I Princess Olivia 3 March 2021
Count of Roosevelt Countess Ruby Scott Indeterminate 29 April 2021
Count of Starbuck Princess Olivia King Petrus I 4 June 2021
Count of Whale Cove Duke Nathaniel Wheaton Indeterminate 9 June 2021
Baron of Vetrône King Petrus I Princess Olivia 10 March 2021

Nobility in order of rank

Below is the list of all Winterspell nobles ranked in order. Those listed in italics are present higher in the list.

  1. Grand Duke Hunter as Grand Duke under Winterspell
  2. King Petrus I as Duke of Taylor
  3. Duchess Kelsey Brown as Duchess of Eztia
  4. Duke Nathaniel Wheaton as Duke of Standingway
  5. Countess Ruby Scott as Countess of Roosevelt
    • Duke Nathaniel Wheaton as Count of Whale Cove
  6. Princess Olivia as Countess of Starbuck