Nathaniel Wheaton, Duke of Standingway

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Nathaniel Wheaton
Duke of Standingway
Reign 1 August 2020 - Present
Count of Whale Cove
Reign 9 June 2021 - Present
Predecessor Title Created
Successor None
Lord Mayor of Standingway
Term 9 June 2021 - Present
Predecessor Office Created
Born 19 December 2003 (2003-12-19) (age 17)
Virginia, USA

Nathaniel Wheaton (born 19 December 2003) is a Winterspell noble, politician, and social figure. He has been a member of several parliaments.

Personal Life

Early Life and Education

Nathaniel was born on 19 December, 2003 in the US state of Virginia. He has also lived in Vermont and Michigan with his current place of residence being in Colorado. He currently attends Longmont High School and will graduate in 2022.


Full Style

His Grace Nathaniel Wheaton, Duke of Standingway, Count of Whale Cove, and Lord Mayor of Standingway

Kingdom of Winterspell

  • Winterspell.png Duke of Standingway, 1 August 2020
  • Winterspell.png Count of Whale Cove, 9 June 2021