Parliament of Winterspell

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Winterspell Parliament
17th Winterspell Parliament
Founded2 October 2018 (2018-10-02)
King Petrus I
since 10 December 2017
Jackson Whitted
since 15 January 2022
Political groups
  PCR (1)
  Independent (2)
Length of term
1 Year
Multiple non-transferable vote
Last election
15 January 2024
Next election
15 January 2025

The Parliament of Winterspell is the nation's sole legislative body. It serves to debate and vote on proposed bills. It is a unicameral body made up of one seat per ten citizens and currently maintains the minimum of three seats. Parliament is presided over by the Prime Minister. Each term of parliament is held for one year with no limit on successive terms.

The Winterspell parliament was established on 10 January 2019 but has gone through many changes since. It was established in its current form on 1 January 2022 following the adoption of the Winterspell Constitution[1].

All members of parliament are elected by majority vote every year on 15 January. A midterm affirmation vote is held six months after the election of parliament to reaffirm the confidence of the public in their parliament.


The first parliaments

The Winterspell Parliament was established on 2 October 2018 by King Petrus I. Parliament was originally composed of the monarch and the four princes of Winterspell. On 11 January 2019, King Petrus put forward Proposal 2[2] which introduced 'marquis' to parliament each of which represented a 'house' in the nation's legislature. The first parliament with elected marquis took office on 15 January 2019 with a term length of two months. The first parliament voted on 17 proposals but saw increasing inactivity and disinterest from its members. Over a month after the first parliament took office, the Edit of Act 8[3] was passed removing the king from parliament leaving the princes and marquis to run all legislative affairs while moving the monarchy to a more executive role granting the monarch veto power over passed legislation. Parliament was again altered on 1 July 2019 with the passage of the House of House of House[4] proposal. This change was prompted by pressure from the House of House of House to make the position of marquis representative of house population instead of the previous 'one per house' system that had been used until that point.


On 27 September 2019, the Parliament Reformation Proposal[5] put to parliament by the king, was passed establishing a bicameral system. Parliament was split into the House of Commons, made up of seven elected members, and the Lord's Room, made up of the monarch and princes. In February 2020, parliament saw many changes with a ban on the filibuster[6] and a proposal tying the number of MPs to the overall national population rather than restricting it to seven[7]. This period of change came to an end on 11 February 2020 when parliament was disbanded and the New Winterspell Constitution was suspended following the sudden departure of two princes from the kingdom. Parliament was reestablished with the reimplementation of the constitution on 10 March 2020 after having been rewritten to be unicameral again removing the Lord's Room entirely. This system ran for two terms until the passage of the June Concordat[8] which overhauled the government entirely.

Modern parliament

Following the passage of the June Concordat, parliament began to meet in sessions where all proposals were voted on at once. On 6 November 2020, under the eleventh parliament, the Prime Minister Proposal[9] was passed creating the Prime Minister of Winterspell. The voting power of the prime minister was later revoked following the passage of the Modification of Legislative Functions[10] but was returned by the second Prime Minister Proposal[11] on 3 October 2021. On 1 January 2022, King Petrus implemented a new Winterspell Constitution officially separating the Kingdom of Winterspell from the Winterspell Club. While the structure of parliament largely remained the same, its size shrank immensely dropping to only three seats.


Parliament's sole function is to discuss and vote on legislation.


When a proposal for new legislation is made, it is placed in the parliament queue. The prime minister will then call a session at their discretion and all pending proposals will be deliberated over and voted on. If a proposal passes through parliament, it is then sent to the monarch for royal assent. If a proposal is vetoed by the monarch, it can be overturned with a unanimous vote in parliament. Once a proposal is given royal assent, it is put into place immediately unless specified otherwise in the proposal text.


Parliament is made up currently of three seats, though it has been as many as ten.

Name Party Date Appointed
Count Ben Independent 15 January 2022
Donald "Donny" Price Independent 15 January 2023
Sir Jackson Whitted Constitutional Reform Party 15 January 2022

Prime Ministers

The parliament of Winterspell has been presided over by four prime ministers since the office's introduction. The office of prime minister has no established term length or limit. It is conceded at the end of a term of parliament.


The idea of parties has been looked upon with much suspicion in Winterspell. Because of this, there are few parties though all have participated in the kingdom's legislature.

The Constitutional Reform Party (PCR)

PCR was founded by Jackson W. upon his return to Winterspell in June 2021 [12]. The party seeks to disband parliament returning the kingdom to its late-2018 state with an absolute monarchy. The party has two members, one of which holds a seat in parliament.

The Space Piracy Party (SPP)

SPP was founded by Duke Nathaniel W. Its sole principle is status quo [13]. The party has one member.

The Kilt Party (TKP)

TKP was founded by Countess Ruby S. Its doctrine focuses on the strict interpretation to the constitution and support for the established system of governance. The party has two members.


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