Jackson Whitted

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His Excellency
Sir Jackson Whitted

Portrait of Sir Jackson Whitted
Prime Minister of Winterspell
Assumed office:
15 January 2022 – present
King Petrus I
Predecessor Sir Quinn Jarvis
In office:
16 June – 16 October 2021
King Petrus I
Predecessor Kayla Barton
Successor Sir Quinn Jarvis
Personal Information
Born 14 August 2003 (2003-08-14) (age 19)
Colorado, United States
Citizenship  United States
Nationality American
Political party Constitutional Reform Party

Sir Jackson Whitted (born 14 August 2003) is a senior Winterspellian politician who currently serves as the Prime Minister of Winterspell and Royal Treasurer. He is also the first and only individual who has served on the occasion of prime minister for two terms. Prior to his election as prime minister, he has also been a Lord of Winterspell and is also a former justice.

Personal life

Jackson Whitted was born on 14 August 2003 in Colorado as the first of two children of his parents. He graduated in 2021 from Longmont High School. Jackson currently attends Colorado State University.

Micronational career

Jackson, then a prince, was one of the three people present at Winterspell's only constitutional convention. Along with King Petrus I and Prince Quinn, they drafted the first iteration of Winterspell's current constitution.

Jackson was present around the founding of Winterspell and having been close friends with Pierce Anderson, was named as one of the five lords. When the monarchy was established on 10 December 2017, Jackson became a prince due to his prior position as a lord. He was nominated by King Petrus I to be the first justice in the newly created supreme court on 1 July 2020. He held this position, presiding over the few court cases to happen, until his sudden departure from the kingdom eight months later. He has also had a large part in writing later legislation including Amendment 3 which covers the function and structure of the supreme court.

On 16 June 2021, he was elected as the Prime Minister for the first time by a narrow vote replacing Kayla Barton and remained in office until 16 October 2021 and was replaced by Sir Quinn Jarvis. He was re-appointed as prime minister for a second unprecedented term on 15 January 2022 and has since then serving in office. His tenure as prime minister is the longest in the history of the nation.


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