Raphanian Colonial Office

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Raphanian Colonial Office
HousesHouse of Peers
House of Supervisors
Founded4 January 2023
Chief Secretary
Charter of Raphania

The Raphanian Colonial Office, also known as the Raphania Office, RCO or "The Council" is the primary government and legislative body of the Westarctican Colony of Raphania. It consists of members appointed by the colony's Viceroy who serve at his whim in the lower house of the office known as the House of Supervisors. Appointed members are thusly known as "Supervisors" with each one being responsible for administrating a specific Raphanian ministry.

In addition, an advisory upper house exists, manned voluntarily by the nobility of Raphania, the House of Peers serves as a check on the power of the lower house and is designed to insure that the needs of the nobility are represented within the council.