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official flag
The official flag of Bardo

BARDO was born as an intentional micronation with the precise objective of uniting artists, free thinkers, holistic healers, people intimately distant from the by worn and uprooted model of nineteenth-century nation-states.

The creative freedom of thought and action is the passport to join BARDO.

Together with respect for nature and for the planet that hosts us, the only true Kingdom to which we refer.

The coat of arms of the micronation is deliberately a call to noble heraldry in fact, but this does not mean that the duchy is monarchic: the citizens of BARDO are libertarians and the titles acquired are exquisitely Dadaists.

Piercarlo von Bòrmida, the Duke of Bardo
Piercarlo von Bòrmida, the Duke of Bardo


Piercarlo von Bòrmida is the founder and the first head of state of BARDO micronation. He holds the title of Duke of BARDO but he never uses his titles outside the micronational community.

Interdisciplinary artist he is well knowed as musician pioneer in italian eletronic scene since 1984.

Born into an ancient family with several historical figures, he chose to live in close contact with nature and its true inhabitants, becoming a convinced defender of the individual freedom of the beings of the planet and the potential of art as response to the degradation of the modern world.

Head of Government

The Regent is the official representative of the micronation and he has several constitutional powers like the appointment of ministers or ambassadors, signing treaties, attend official meetings and receptions.

He always works in agreement with citizens.

Duke of BARDO

The Regent holds the title of Duke of BARDO but, as already stated in the presentation, he holds the noble rank in place of only one recognized kingdom: mother Nature. The term Duchy derives from the ancient Germanic meaning of tribe, a concept to which we are very attached for our love for independent communities.

Ministers and Ambassadors

Ministers and Ambassadors are in office for one year, at the end of which a new appointment is made. If they have worked for the welfare of BARDO and their citizens, it is possible that they will be re-elected with full confidence.

List of Ministries

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Francesco Fiore (JAP)
  • Ministry of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs and Interplanetary Cooperation: Paolo Cristiani  (IT)
  • Ministry of Expressive Interconnections: Isacco Caraccio (OC)
  • Ministry of Relations between Animals (human and not): Estelo Anghilante (OC)
  • Ministry of the Four Directions: Riccardo Giraudo (FR)
  • Ministry of Public Health: Dott. Vasco Merciadri (IT)
  • Ministry of Wild Growth: Marta Maltese (IT)
  • Ministry of Well Being: Matteo Calautti (IT)
  • Ministry of Innovation: Giovanni Marchetti (IT)
  • Ministry of Heroic Agriculture: Floriano Luciano (IT)

List of Ambassadors

  • Ambassador of Elsewhere: O. Vanini (IT)
  • Ambassador to Neapolitan Republic: G. Ciccarelli (IT)
  • Ambassador to San Marino Republic: L. Cesàri (IT)
  • Ambassador of Nowhere: T. Southgate (UK)
  • Ambassador to Argentina: E. Toti (ARG)
  • Ambassador to all Spain from Caledonia to Asturias: A. R. Solares (SP)
  • Ambassador to Veneto: R. Brughera (IT)
  • Ambassador to Tuscany: A. M. Pollastrini (IT)
  • Ambassador to India: H. J. Parmar (IND)
  • Ambassador to Nigeria: Atobaje David Oluwagbenga (NIG)
  • Ambassador to Occitania: Stefano Degioanni (OC)

There are not many honorary citizens, usually they are people who have distinguished themselves for particular choices or personal goals: one of the most famous is Johnson Righeira of the well-known musical duo, proud to be in Bardo micronation.

Bardo Duchy
Bardo Duchy

Environmental protection

The practice of protecting the natural environment by individuals, organizations and government itself works to conserve natural resources and the existing natural environment.

Where possible, to repair damage and reverse trends.

All citizens of BARDO are committed with a daily life conduct that has the least impact on the environment and are committed to the defense and protection of domestic and wild animals. Bardo has a little Sanctuary for them.

The Stag
The Stag

National holidays

  • Foundation Day - 20 February - Foundation of the BARDO micronation.
  • National Flag Day - 20 May - Celebration of the establishment of the national symbol of BARDO.
  • Constitution Day - 21 June - Commemoration of the first constitution and Summer Solstice.
  • Arts Day - 1 September - Celebrates the birthday of Carmelo Bene, protector of Arts.


English is the official language of BARDO. In everyday use, Italian is used by the majority of the subjects in BARDO.

In Court, the official language while still the English has also regular use, especially by the government and it is the only language used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Italian, French, Piedmontese and Occitan has also regular use between citizens.


Since the founding of the BARDO micronation, religious freedom is guaranteed by law to all citizens. The Genius Loci of the BARDO is Kernunnos, the ancient God of forest.

Social purposes

Bardo and its recognised association works to promote the worldview that distinguishes it, an ecosophical and libertarian worldview rated for a marked holistic attitude.

In the 2013 we purchased an independent property of 20,000 sq m of land comprising a forest crossed by a river coming from the mountains.

Over time, the idea of a community where the habitat is as much as possible in line with the laws of mother Nature takes shape. So we decided to create a truly alternative pole in lower Piedmont, a strategic point in the heart of the Monregalese area, equidistant from Turin and Savona.

The micronation organizes seminars and meetings focused on the relationship between man and nature, on personal growth, on art in its various forms as a response to degradation.

At the same time, it dedicates to the publication of cultural contents and the promotion of conferences and seminars on the topics in which it believes.

The headquarters hosts a treatment area dedicated to holistic and natural medicine therapies.

Abduction project
Abduction project


The project combines the need of those who love nature but live in the city, of those who love animals and feel they have a strong sense of belonging to the land but cannot yet do it in a constant and total way.


Bardo hosts also several animals recovered from situations of abuse and takes care of their livelihood and give them the love they deserve.

Where is BARDO

BARDO extends for about 20,000 square meters in the forest of Torre Mondovì, based in the south of Piedmont (northern Italy).

Near the Sea Ligurian Alps it is strategically well located being equidistant from Turin and the port of Savona.

The BARDO residence is an active beating hearth: we are coming as micronation officially in the 20-02-2020, but we're working from 2013 with a lot of opportunities for artists, healers, free thinkers, independent growers and animal rights supporters from all over the world.

We decided to protect a wonderful corner of Europe from the civilization of cement, leaving space for the natural inhabitants of the place and creating opportunities for sustainable growth for the humans who join us.

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