North American Charter Organization

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North American Charter Organization
Organizational logo
NACO Region and eligible micronations
AbbreviationNACO, OCAN
FormationFounded 19 Jan. 2022
Launched 11 May 2022
FounderScott Jeanes
Stephen Luke
Founded atBreco Territory
TypeMilitary Alliance
HeadquartersFort Howie, North Dracul
North America
ServicesInformation sharing
Physical Trade
Conflict resolution
2 active, 2 observers
Official language
Secretary General
Scott Jeanes
Supreme Allied Commander
Budget (2022)
Expenses (2022)$0
Staff (2022)

The North American Charter Organization is a military alliance and information organization, consisting of North American micronations, with the intentions of maintaining peace and information sharing among one another. Its organization is similar to NATO but does not engage in any physical action against those it has conflict with. The organization began formation in late January 2022. NACO's goal is not to operate in a United Nations form of government, as legislation is not part of its mission. NACO plans to resolve conflict among other micronations, share information pertaining to current events and technology, and assist other members with the growth and success of their respected micronations.

Formation and Purpose

NACO was formed by Scott Jeanes, Commonwealth of Dracul Imperial Marshal, to prevent future conflict with other micronations. In addition, NACO also provides education and technology resources to other members within it. The purpose of sharing said information is to ensure the proper maintenance of other member micronations, and to contribute to their success when struggles arise.

Daily Operations

For members of NACO, their constant mission is to ensure constant communication among one another, regarding any conflicts or assistance needed from one another. Members are to meet at least once a month and brief one another on the progress of their nations, requesting any necessary assistance during issues of success.

Information Sharing

Sharing information to assist in the success of other micronations is the largest mission of NACO. Information such as technology, security, upgrades to databases, and physical trade of crucial items are just a few of the things that are able to be traded or shared. Since NACO is an anti-conflict organization, the sharing of 'dirt' or negative information on micronationalists and micronations is forbidden, unless needed to resolve conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Members of NACO are not to engage in any form of conflict with one another, unless voted on by the majority of NACO. Conflict should always be avoided and discussed through negotiation before any form of international incident begins. If negotiations cannot be reached, NACO will continue to bring members together until such conflict can be resolved. Should a non-member of NACO begin conflict with a NACO member, the organization will stand behind the NACO member and defend to reasonable measures.


Any micronation who shows interest in NACO must meet and adhere to a very specific set of guidelines to ensure micronations operate along the same lines of professionalism and maturity. In addition, the mutual members must ensure their government types do not conflict, as this would cause conflict, which is one of the primary missions of avoidance.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age requirement for membership is seventeen years of age for the representative from the applicant micronation. Younger applicants must have at least two references from distinguished micronations, stating their trust and recommendation of applicant nation.
  • Communist, Socialist, or Fascist micronations will not be admitted entry due to the ideologies of such government and economic types. Absolute monarchies are admitted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applicant micronation must be in existence for a minimum of four years to show dedication and participation within their micronational community.
  • A consistent track record showing at least four years of progress, dedication, and participation, along with success and goals, must be able to be shown during the application process.
  • Inspections to ensure accuracy and honesty of the application will be conducted by the Inspector General. The applicant micronation must accept this requirement before admittance.
  • Must agree to a contract of membership with a minimum of four years. Early termination without a vote will result in future rejection of applications, along with the withdrawal of an assistance.
  • Applicant micronation must be within the borders of the North American continent. This includes physically and virtually, along the lines of digital operations.

Member Requirements

  • Micronation must be willing to send representative each month to a live virtual conference call with audio and video. This is to ensure constant updates and communication.
  • Must maintain constant communication with other members of the NACO organization.
  • Must refrain from starting conflicts with other NACO members, without a vote from NACO.
  • Founding members of NACO may remove inactive or inappropriate members without a vote.

Member Countries

Members of NACO consist of the following members:

Founding Members

Observing Members