Scott Jeanes

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Field Marshal
Scott Jeanes
Official Dracul Army photo of FM. Jeanes 2021
5th Commander of the Armed Forces
Assumed office
13 January 2021
Predecessor Connor Modena
Commander of the Army
Assumed office
15 February 2021
President Dmitri Howie
Predecessor Charles Ross
Speaker pro tempore of the Dracul House of Representatives
Assumed office
12 April 2021
Predecessor Valeriano Anibarro
General Minster of Breco
assumed office
13 September 2021
Personal information
Born 19 August 1995 (1995-08-19) (age 26)
Citizenship United States
Commonwealth of Dracul
Residence California, USA
Occupation U.S. Armed Forces
Religion Norse Paganism
Military service
Nickname(s) Vindar
Allegiance United States
Commonwealth of Dracul
Service/branch United States Army
Dracul Army
Rank Private First Class (USA)
Brigadier General (Dracul)
Commands 1st Dragon Regiment (2020)
Dracul Army Division (2021)
Awards Citation of the Dragon (Silver)
Army Service Medal
Intel Ops Ribbon
Conflict Resolution
Academic Achievement Medal
Community Service Ribbon
Outstanding Leadership Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
First Aid Ribbon
ETBS Ribbon
Conflict Participation
Army Service Award
Commander's Citation
Presidential Commendation
Distinguished Unit Citation

Field Marshal Scott Jeanes is a Draculian micronationalist, serving as the current Commander of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth of Dracul. With his experience, he has been able to transform the Dracul Military into a better functioning entity, which has included uniform changes, policy changes, and chain of command.

Early life

In 8th Grade, Jeanes joined the California Cadet Corps to begin learning the basics of the military for his entry into the U.S. Army after high school graduation.

Jeanes was a member of the Cadet Corps Brigade staff and Battalion staff as an S-4 supply and logistics NCO and Officer. Jeanes left his Cadet Corps career after 5 faithful years retiring as a Cadet First Lieutenant.

Personal Life

United States Army

In January of 2017, Jeanes fulfilled his dream of joining the U.S. Army by enlisting as an 11B Infantryman. Jeanes graduated basic combat training and MOS school at Fort Benning, GA becoming a green infantryman.

Jeanes has deployed to U.S.-Mexican Border as part of the California National Guard contingent of the Mexican Border Crisis as well as the 2020 LA Riots. He is still currently serving with the 1-185th INF BN CARNG Alpha Company, the "Damn Dirty Apes".

Micronational Career

Jeanes began his micronational career in 2020, after receiving two titles of nobility from Sealand, he holds the title of Duke and Knight. Soon after he found the Commonwealth of Dracul and became a citizen.

Jeanes joined as a Private First Class in the Dracul Army and after dedication and leadership took the officers test becoming a Second Lieutenant. After assisting with reforming the Dracul Military and other military duties Jeanes earned the rank of Colonel and was made Commander of the Army.

Transition to Secretary

After the resignation of Connor Modena in 2021, Jeanes was appointed by President Dmitri Howie as the 5th Secretary of Defense, due to his military experience.

Territory of Breco

Jeanes is the General Minister of the Territory of Breco and Commander of the Breco Defense Force. He is a member of the Brecovitch Bratva, a Military and Political group that controls all aspects of the Territory.

Awards and Decorations

Dracul Individual Ribbons of Scott Jeanes
Ribbon of the Silver Dragon.svgRibbon of the Commanders Citation.svgRibbon of Army Service.svg
Ribbon of Intel Operations.svgRibbon of Conflict Participation.svgRibbon of Academic Achievement.svg
Ribbon of Community Service.svgRibbon of Attendance Award.svgRibbon of Dress and Appearance.svg
Ribbon of Outstanding Leadership.svgRibbon of Good Conduct.svgRibbon of First Aid Certification.svg
Ribbon of the ETBS Exam.svgRibbon of Anti-Terrorism.svgRibbon of Professional Development.svg
Dracul Unit Ribbons of Scott Jeanes
Ribbon of the Presidential Commendation.svgRibbon of Unit Designation.svg