Federal Republic of Reiji

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Flag of Reiji

The Federal Republic of Reiji is a micronation country in the Philippines. The style of government there is a federal-parliamentary system, whereas there is a Chancellor and a Parliament which is the governing body of the Federal Republic.

The Federal Republic started in turmoil when the factions the Cynos and the Reforms. They fought in a bloody war. The Fight for control over the government's position led to bloody war. After 1 year of the bloody war, the Cynos were ultimately defeated and the pro-reforms party government is formed. The style of government in Reiji is a Federal Parliamentary system in which the style of government is the Chancellor and the Parliament.

In January 3, 2022, The Country seized to exist and turned into a Kingdom which is now known as Kingdom of Reiji

Foreign Policy

When the Johmas Government was formed. The Chancellor made laws that requires countries to submit their history themselves. The Foreign Policy Act declares and shows that Countries must sign the Good Foreigners Agreement in which it states "By signing this agreement, your country legitemately is under the Foreign Policy Act in which your are entitled to present good human, social, and economical policies".

Those who want to make relations with Reiji must enter to the official diplomatic hub

Economic Policy

Economic Reforms was made after the 2008 Financial Crisis to prevent another crisis from happening, The Johmas Government set out a plan in which citizens must pay very very high taxes in which the opposition disagreed upon on. In this matter the policy was suspended to be reviewed by the Institution of Financial and Economic Government Policy. After the Report made by the IFEC, the Government made the ESp or the Economic Security Papers in which Citizens must pay Taxes 8% and the Rich must pay 40%.


All Defense are in the Hands of the Ministry of Defense. These agencies include the Reiji Armed Forces in which it includes the Air Force, Navy, Land Force. The Federal Reiji Police and the Federal Defense Guards.

The Federal Reiji Armed Forces

  • The Federal Reiji Land Force - The Land Force mainly operates on land. The Federal Reiji Land Forces protects the territorial landscape of Reiji. The Personel of the Land Force is highly confidential for security reasons
  • The Federal Reiji Air Force - The Air Forces mainly defends the air zones of the Air Force. They operate in Kaiser Region only.
  • The Federal Reiji Navy - The Naval Force is primarily responsible for the protecting maritime territorial waters in Reiji. They operate in Kungenspergen Region and Lantages Region.

Federal Reiji Police - It is a agency primarily responsible for law and order in the Country. They operate domestically in Reiji and has no authority internationally whatsover.

Federal Defense Guards - They are service men who are tasked by protecting the country in times of chaos or war.

Former Leader of this Country

John Furban Richard - The 20th Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Reiji. He was formerly the Minister of Foreign Affairs...

Transitioning to Consitutional Monarchy

In January 3, 2022. The Federal Government announced that it would be transitioning to a Consitutional Monarchy and Reiji will not be a Federal Republic and will be a Kingdom

Web presence

All information related to Reiji are in the official website. Due to the FOIA, many citizens in Reiji can legitimately access some documents using the Freedom of Information Act

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