Empire of Aeternia

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Empire of Aeternia
"Home of Freedom, voice of the true!"
Anthem: We're Finally Landing
Largest cityVitae
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperor
LegislatureImperial Ministries
CurrencyImperial Note
Date formatdd-mm-yyyyy
Driving sideright

Aeternia officially the Empire of Aeternia, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, known to external outsiders as a micronation, located in North America. It was founded by Emperor AP I on 20 August 2016. It is best known for its popular YouTube channel hosted by the emperor.


Early days and creation of Aeternia

On 20 August 2016, the Empire of Aeternia is created under the rule of Emperor AP. He declares the nation as a sovereign state from its surrounding country of the United States of America. Not much is known for a year and a half as it was very inactive throughout this time. In mid-March 2018 Emperor AP announces the micronation's presence on its YouTube [1] platform. He assured that an Internet presence will be utilized to hear the voice and feedback of its citizens a day later Emperor AP announces the citizen count rose from 1 to 25 and declares this as a sign of the immense growth to come to the nation.


The nation also offers up several integral identifiers of its budding national identity to a citizen vote, including national animal, holiday, anthem, and flag. A few days later the quickly developing nation demonstrates the first science experiment of the Empire's history. It is shown as a light diffraction device that demonstrates how light splits. Two days later on 22 March 2018, Emperor AP I declares the national animal to be the owl. The emperor also presents the national flag, which he decrees will remain until the end of time. The Empire also announces a proposal of alliance from The People's Republic of Parkastopia, warning the people of Parkastopia that any injustices done onto Aeternia will be met with swift retaliation. On 28 March 2018 the (Aeternian-Parkastopian Alliance) began after Emperor AP declared an official declaration of friendship between the People's Republic of Parkastopia and the Empire of Aeternia. This alliance was sealed in a formal meeting in which the Emperor traveled to meet with General Secretary Parker Berzett on Parkastopian territory. In mid April, 2018 The Emperor declares the creation of the Aeternian Imperial Records System, a setup in which Aeternian citizens can submit national records. The Emperor then proceeded to set the first record for "Longest Peppermint Throw" with a distance of 108 American inches. into a 1.75-inch box. In May 2018 Emperor AP announces the citizen count to have doubled to 50 people. On 4 June 2018 Emperor AP I leads the nation in its first State of the Empire Address. The contents of which are as chronologically followed in topics:

  • An announcement of the population growing to 58 citizens
  • An announcement of 2nd Summit with General Secretary Parker Berzett of Parkastopia
  • A potential new industry to be announced during 2nd Summit
  • A public apology for the removal of an Aeternian Science video
  • An announcement of Empire TV to represent the culture of the Empire


In mid-late June 2018; Emperor AP announces that he will be interviewing Mr. Marcus Ruiz Evans, the founder of the California Secession movement. The Emperor then announced the possibility of a national snail breeding industry, with the first snail being dubbed Gary. Gary was named after the pet snail from the American TV show Spongebob In December 2018 Emperor AP presented the Parkastopian General Secretary Parker Berzett's Address to Aeternia, which gave words of thanks and appreciation for the alliance between the two micronations. Emperor AP returns to Parkastopia to discuss trade, economics, and general micronationalstic politics in the 2nd Summit.


In Early 2019 Emperor AP announces the Empire's new Patreon, a system that allows citizens to donate directly to its economy similar to the US bond system. The nation however went inactive once again until 30 December 2019 Emperor AP begins constructing the Empire's capitol building. Which was formally his household. In early 2020 the Empire of Aeternia's first ministry was established. Emperor AP appoints Minister Haddaway to preside over New Maryland, or the Northern Aeternian territory. A week later Emperor AP announces that 500 citizens have joined the Aeternian Empire since its conception. This is likely due to its YouTube channel becoming one of the channels coming up when looking up the word "Micronation" on the platform. Only 24 days later after it's conception; Emperor AP announces the dissolving of the Ministry of New Hampshire due to a lost of interest from Minister Haddaway. . In February Emperor AP concluded the construction of the capitol building of the Empire of Aeternia.

In March Emperor AP announces the recognition of the Aeternian Beaches as a national landmark of the Empire. A few days later, the Emperor announces the citizen population to have reached 600 citizens of the Empire. Later a new industry in a metal forge crafted upon the Aeternian Empire.

Government and Politics


The Empire of Aeternia of course is an Empire, with its governmental structure being an Absolute Monarchy, meaning Emperor AP oversees most of the nation. Emperor AP I, currently controls and resides in the boundaries of Aeternia. He is revered for being on the forefront of many national developments, such as the Aeternian Science Department, and is most notable for having been the sole laborer for the Aeternian Headquarters.

Minister Haddaway was the first official minister of Aeternia, Haddaway controlled the Ministry of New Maryland for a total of 24 days, with the Dissolution of New Maryland [2] resulting from Minister Haddaway's loss of interest and Emperor AP I's lack of preparation for a new territory.

Law and Military

The Empire of Aeternia does not plan for any armed conflicts and is very against warfare itself. They do not have a known military and have said in a live stream [citation needed] that he will let Macronational authorities take control as Aeternian law parallels United States law in many respects.


The Empire of Aeternia is a thriving micronation that aims to invite individuals from all over the world to join a growing community that strives to come together and achieve greatness through our support of each other.


Aeternia's beliefs can be found in its flag. The Arrow of Progress, the primary national symbol, depicting an arrow passing through the eye of an axe head, is not only a cool marking, but it also has a symbolism that derives from the story of Odysseus, who went off to fight for the country that he ruled and returned to find suitors attempting to take his throne by marrying his beloved. He thus presented a challenge that if they could shoot his bow through the heads of twelve axe heads, then they could rule his kingdom, which the suitors failed and Odysseus triumphed. This story is represented in Aeternia's flag as a representation the people of Aeternia, who overcome irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities with unrelenting vigor and perseverance. The Aeternian flag's symbols reflect the story of Odysseus and his challenge against his suitors.


The currency in The Empire of Aeternia is the Imperial Note.

One Imperial Note.

Foreign Affairs

Nations of High Regard

The Empire of Aeternia has interacted with many micronations around the world. Of these nations, several have developed long term, continuous, and mutually beneficial relationships with the Empire, and have thus become defined by the Empire and its community as Nations of High Regard.

These nations are as follows: