Operation Mock Tortoise

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The Westarctican Royal Guards occupying Raphania

Operation: MOCK TORTOISE was a military operation conducted by the Westarctican Royal Guards during the Raphania-Westarctica War. It occurred on 10 November 2022.


After the leader of Raphania, Grand Emir Charles I, declared war upon Westarctica, citing his belief that their occupation of Calsahara in 2017 was an illegitimate act, Grand Duke Travis mobilized the Royal Guards and made immediate preparations for a state of war. A Royal Decree was issued on 26 October 2022 formally declaring war against Raphania.

The Grand Duke held private planning sessions with the Minister of Defense, the Duke of Waesche, and Prime Minister Farmer to decide the best course of action to bring about a speedy end to the conflict. The decision was made to first cripple Raphanian morale by invading their sovereign territory, located in northern Arizona, then proceed south over the following days to conduct an assault on the Raphanian government in their administrative headquarters.

The operation

A small contingent from the Westarctican Royal Guards arrived in Raphania at 1:00 pm local time and encountered no resistance. The Raphanian military was evidently not prepared for the enemy's arrival and the territory was swiftly conquered.

Viscount Atwood, the newly-appointed Captain of the Guards, was given the honor of planting the Flag of Westarctica on Raphanian soil to prove to the world that it was now a possession of Westarctica.

After reading a brief victory speech, Grand Duke Travis stopped short of declaring victory, pledging to continue the push further south until Grand Emir Charles and the Government of Raphania have been subdued.


Following the successful occupation, Grand Duke Travis awarded Viscount Atwood with a knighthood in the Noble Order of the Sword.

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