Raphania-Westarctica War

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1st Raphania-Westarctica War
Date25 October - 19 November 2022
Raphanian territory
Result Westarctican victory
Raphanian territories were invaded by Westarctica
 Westarctica  Raphania
Commanders and leaders
Westarctica Travis I, Grand Duke of Westarctica Raphania Emir Charles of Raphania
Units involved
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
Casualties and losses
None None
Raphanian war propaganda.

Following heated tensions between Westarctica and Raphania, war broke out following a decree from Charles I. stating “We believe that Westarctica has unjustly inserted itself into that nation’s governmental affairs and used inactivity as a pretense to launch an unwarranted invasion into a nation, who did not pose a threat and did not even fight back when invaded”.

The Commonwealth of Dracul is currently supporting both nations and is ready to step in as a mediator if needed.


Operation "Mock Tortoise"

According to the Westarctican encyclopedia, on 10 November 2022,

"A small contingent from the Westarctican Royal Guards arrived in Raphania at 1:00 pm local time and encountered no resistance. The Raphanian military was evidently not prepared for the enemy's arrival and the territory was swiftly conquered."

"Viscount Atwood, the newly-appointed Captain of the Guards, was given the honor of planting the Flag of Westarctica on Raphanian soil to prove to the world that it was now a possession of Westarctica."

"After reading a brief victory speech, Grand Duke Travis stopped short of declaring victory, pledging to continue the push further south until Grand Emir Charles and the Government of Raphania have been subdued""[1]..

Up to this date, the Raphanian Governement did not released any reaction about the invasion of their territories. However, below the video of the Westarctican invasion of Raphania, an informal comment from the Emir himself seems to take this event as "non-serious".