Protocol of Quinta Velha

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Protocol of Quinta Velha
Created March 2021
Ratified 10 March 2021
Location City of Quinta Velha

The Protocol of Quinta Velha is a micronational treaty signed between the Conference of Santiago and the Association of South Asian Micronations with a view to establish special relation between the member states, create bonds, some of them already bounded by history, culture, geography, a wish for a common future, as well as by a community of values: the respect for human rights, freedom, equality, solidarity, justice, the rule of law and democracy as enshrined in the relevant international agreements and in the constitutive texts of the respective organizations.


Inspired by the events from the first relations between states that constitute the organizations, back on 20 July 2020 with the signing of the treaty of mutual recognition between Karnia-Ruthenia and Vishwamitra, where the partnership was strengthened through the institutionalization of the dialogue, considerable change has taken place on both nations. The establishment of the Conference of Santiago changed the shape of micronationalism in South America, while the Association of South Asian Micronations promoted integration processes on micronationalism in South Asia and developed relations with several other institutions around the world.

It was during the second summit of the ASAM hosted by the Micronation of the AVR on 30 January 2021 that the King Arthur II of Ebenthal who was a guest invitee expressed his strong desire to establish special bond and relations between the two organizations which was immediately supported by the chairman, Varuna Sriraya of ASAM.


Although the treaty was symbolically important in demonstrating the dynamic relationship between the Conference of Santiago and the ASAM nations, due to rifts between Vishwamitra, and several Conference of Santiago nations, especially Karnia-Ruthenia, the Karno-Ruthenian Empire officially denounced it's signature on the Protocol of Quinta Velha on 8 October 2022 (via Imperial Decree 236–2022)[1]


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