Maria of Sildavia

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Maria of Sildavia
Sovereign Princess of Sildavia
Reign17 February 2020–present
Heir presumptiveGabriela, Princess of Klow
BornBarão de Cocais, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Full name
Maria Alessandra Bourbon-Ottokar Flaviano
HouseHouse of Ottokar Flaviano
FatherSebastião, 2nd Duke of Flaviano
MotherSonia, Countess of Orleans
People's Commissar for Communication in Nuremberg Commune
Assumed office
05 July 2020
Preceded byOffice established

Maria I, or Princess Maria of Sildavia is a Brazilian micronationalist, also the Sovereign Princess of the Principality of Sildavia, ruling since the foundation of the Principality, in 2020. Promoting the derivatist practice of micronationalism within the Brazilian sector, she became the first woman to be an active member of the Conference of Santiago and one of the most active micronationalists of Brazilian micronationalism. When ascended to the Throne, she assumed the title of Sovereign Princess and Duchess of Cocais. Maria was also one of the minds behind the 2020 Sildavian Constitution.

Personal life

Princess Maria is an advocate for LGBTQIA + rights, freedom of expression, religious freedom and democracy. She considers herself a social liberal. Maria publicly declares that she is an atheist, but that she guarantees respect for any religion.

Micronational life

She is involved in micronational affairs since the foundation of Sildavia in 17 February 2020, but she is also direct envolved with another projects and alternatives, especially within Brazilian sector, being also a supportive member of the Nuremberg Commune and one of the leading figures of the Conference of Santiago.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Maria of Sildavia
Monograma real de maria da sildavia.png
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMa’am

Titles and styles

  • 17 February 2020 - present: Her Majesty, Maria, the Sovereign Princess
    • In Cocais: Her Majesty, the Sovereign Princess, Duchess of Cocais
    • Alternative Style Abroad: Her Royal Highness, Maria, the Sovereign Princess of Sildavia

Full Title as ruler

Her Majesty, Maria, who by acclamation, Sovereign Princess of Sildavia, Duchess of Cocais, Princess of Flaviano, Princess of Ottokar, Grand Master of the Order of Ottokar, Grand Master of the Order of the Black Pelican and Grand Master of the Order of Merit.

Standards and arms

Coat of arms of sildavia.png
Armorial of the Sovereign Princess
Monograma real de maria da sildavia.png
Royal Monogram of the Sovereign Princess
Royal Standard of Her Majesty

Armorial of Her Majesty with the Grand Collar of the Order of Ottokar

Arms with International Honors

Maria I of Sildavia - Armorial (LFL).png
Armorial of the Sovereign Princess as Royal Lady of the Order of the First Ladies
Maria I - Order of Diplomatic Service Merit.png
Armorial of the Sovereign Princess as Members First Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit
Maria I, Princess of Sildavia.png
Armorial of the Sovereign Princess as Grand Cross of the Order of the Lotus


Order of OttokarOrder of the Black Pelican

Order of the Lotus-Badge2.pngOrder of Diplomatic Service MeritOrder of the Swiss PrinceOrder of Lady MaryOrder of the First Ladies
Order of the Black PelicanOrder of OttokarOrder of Merit
Order of the Swiss PrinceOrder of the Lotus (Grand Cross) - Ribbon.pngOrder of St. George
Order of Lady MaryOrder of the First LadiesOrder of the First Ladies
Cross of Independence (Occidia).png

National honours

Foreign honours


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