Kingdom of Luna

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Kingdom of Luna
Flag of Luna
Coat of arms of Luna
Coat of arms
CapitalNova Roma
Official languagesPortuguese
• King
• Foundation
August 2015
• Reopening
20 August 2019
12 March 2020
07 April 2020
CurrencyCS Doubloon (CSD)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+55

Luna, officially Kingdom of Luna (Portuguese: Reino de Luna) is a Brazilian micronation, an enclave in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The territory of the Kingdom are made up of the residence that belongs to the reigning family and was founded in 2019, with multicultural elements.

Luna emerged in the micronational scenario as one of the constituents of the Brazilian Sector from its foundation, in addition to being one of the signatories to the Treaty that gave rise to the Santiago Conference.


The first appearance of the kingdom dates from august, 2015, when the King Rafael established your house as the kingdom's territory and published for the brazilian micronationalism. On the following month the nation was closed for external contacts cause the king focused to help the development of other micronations. On august 20, 2019, King Rafael published the Royal Decree number 01 reopening the kingdom's borders again.


We can see a lot of influences in Luna's culture. The capital's name was chosen by the Queen, given her admiration for Italy. In addition of the cable channels provided by the Crown, the Royal Broadcasting Company (RBC) retransmits some north american channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and others, for all the territory.

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