Convention of Mauritsstad

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Convention of Mauritsstad
Convenção de Mauritsstad
Created 08 May 2020
Ratified 08 May 2020
Location Mauritsstad, Mauritia
Authors Oscar I
Lucas I
  • Establish the relations between derivatists and virtualists within the Brazilian sector.

The Convention of Mauritsstad (Portuguese: Convenção de Mauritsstad) is a treaty signed by South American micronationalists in a initiave chaired by the Emperor-King Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia and Lucas, Stadhouder of Mauritia, and held in Mauritsstad from 05 to 8 May 2020. The objective of the treaty was to establish the concept that micronations of virtualist tradition, simply called virtualist or virtual micronations, are those that can be categorized as an exercise in socio-political-economic practice, presented in a serious and professional way, emulating in their best capacity the functioning of a macronational State, but claiming digital territory determined by an official website and space for coexistence among its citizens, a permanent population that recognizes this governmental organization and its capacity to develop diplomatic relations with other micronations, whether virtual or derivative.

This concept was paralleled by the Protocol of Goetha, where the signatories understood that a Micronational State, as a person of Intermicronational Law, must meet as sine qua non conditions to be recognized as a permanent population, a determined territory, an established government and the capacity government to establish diplomatic relations with other entities of international law and intermicronational law. Not only that, based on the same treaty, the relationship of derivative micronations with virtualist micronations, as they do not understand the existence of territorial rivalry and are based on the originality of their projects, cultural cooperation and objective good faith, should occur on a regular basis, since the political existence of a Micronational State is independent of recognition by other Micronational States.


Further signatories

  •  Sancratosia
    • Her Sovereign Highness, Cloe, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia
  •  Salanda
    • His Majesty, Reuben I, Monarch of the Kingdom of Salanda and all her sovereign lands

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