Lucas, Stadhouder of Mauritia

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Prince of Woenstein
Lucas of Woestein in 2013, by unknown artist.
Stadhouder of Mauritia
Reign 24 July 2013 - present
Predecessor Throne established
Shah of Badakhshan
Reign 08 December 2015 - present
Predecessor Oscar I
House House of Woestein
Born 11 September 1991 (1991-09-11) (age 30)
Salvador, Brazil
Occupation Journalist, politician
Religion Roman Catholicism

Lucas of Woestein is a Brazilian micronationalist, the Stadhouder of the United Provinces of Mauritia and Shah of Badakhshan. He is in activity since 2003, and served in several projects of relevance within the Lusophone sector and Brazilian sector, becoming a leading figure.

Early life

Early Micronational Life


Titles, styles and honors

Monarchical styles of
Lucas of Woestein
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleSire colour= #FFFFFF

Alternative Titles and Styles

  • 24 July 2013 – present: His Majesty, the Stadhouder of the United Provinces of Mauritia.
    • 8 December 2015 – present: His Imperial Majesty, the Shah of Badakhshan.

Full title

His Imperial Majesty, Lucas, by the Grace of God, of the United Provinces of Mauritia elected most noble and ever Augustus Stadhouder and Captain-General, Emperor and Padishah of the State of Badakhshan, Prince of Woestein, Grand Duke of Lorenburg, Prince of Mauritian Angola; Duke of Bahia, of Calabar, of Vrijland van Pernambuco, and of Parahyba; Duke of Vigo; Marquis of Mauritsstad, of Fredrikstad, of Porto Calvo, of St. Salvador and of Vetrolin; Marquis of Nieuw Amsterdam, of Olinda and of Recife; Margrave of Noordmark and Westmark; Count of Calvinfeld, of Cimbres and Pesqueira, of Corurype, of Macajuba do Capivary, of Patos, of Maceió, of Quebrangulo, of Sergipe d'el-Rey; Count of Berducido, of Baqueiro, of Ourense, and of Claret; Landgrave of the Hochsintfrans and of the Niedersintfrans; Viscount of Belo Jardim do Sanharó, of Bloemenfeld, of Heiligelicht, of Seridó and of Tanque d'Arca; Baron of Cabrobó and Ibó, of Doppelbergen, of Hendrikstad, of Sint Elisabeth, and of Sint Gerlach; Free Lord of the Manor of Dillenburg and Lord of its Free Lordships; Grand Master and Sovereign of the Most Distinguished Order of the Mauritian Golden Fleece, of the National Order of Mauritius, of the National Order of Domingos Calabar, of the Regal National Order of Schkoppe, of the Regal National Order of Barlaeus, of the Regal Order of Fidelity; and, by the grace of God and of the Holy See, Cardinal of the micronational Holy Roman Church, Patriarch and Metropolitan archbishop of Izabella, President of the Episcopal Micronational Conference, and Humble Friar of the Order of Friars Minor.


  • Baron of Silva Jardim
  • Count of Silva Jardim
  • Baron of São Petrônio
  • Count of São Petrônio
  • Marquis of São Petrônio
  • Duke of São Petrônio
  • Order of the Shield of Tassinari
  • Order of the Heart of Jutot
  • Cross of Strauss
  • Medal of von Battelion
  • Duke of Vigo
  • Marquis of Santiago
  • Count of Orrense
  • Baron of Pontevedra
Lucas, Stadhouder of Mauritia
House of Woestein
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Monarchy estabilished
Stadhouder of Mauritia
24 July 2013 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Oscar I
Emperor of Badakistan
08 December 2015 - present
Succeeded by