Principality of Nossia

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Principality of Nossia
Principado de Nossia

Flag Nossia 2016.png
Nossia CoA.png
Coat of Arms

Bonumque Sanguinem Non Mendacium (Latin: Good Blood Doesn't Lie)
Procession of the Nobles

Official language(s)Portuguese, English
Official religion(s)Agnostcism
Short nameNossia
DemonymNossian(English) Nossi(Portuguese)
DemonymNossian(English) Nossi(Portuguese)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy under One-party state
- PrinceHSH Prince Carlo I
- ChancellorVacant
Area claimed190,000km²
Population2 (as of 2016 census)
CurrencyNossian Crown(₢)
Time zone(BRT)
National dishGarlic Bread
National animalDeer
Patron saintSt. Paulina

Government website

The Principality of Nossia (Portuguese: nɔsiɐ) is a micronation founded on 2016 by the Prince Carlo I.


The name Nossia is derived of the greek lexicon of the same name. Meaning "A nest of birds".


In The Beginning

In the begining, Nossia was no more than a province of Lifréia, with the Kanfre's brother, the Kanfrerine Carlo acting as the governor. Lifreia had a iron grip on Nossia. Its control of the region was borderline dictatorial. The Nossian-Lifreian Civil War, internally known as "The July Massacre", was an event that ocurred when the nossian people, wanting their freedom from the Empire of Lifréia, decided to act. The subsequent battle was brutal, and occurred in the main square of the City of Astra.

Not long after, the Kanfre agreed with the proposition to give more liberty to Nossia, turning it to a "special region" (to the likes of Hong Kong and Macau). Unknowingly to the Kanfre, the 14th squadron of the "special region" of Nossia staged a coup. The Prince (then the "premier") subsequently went to self-imposed exile. The "special region" was controlled by a military junta while the Kanfre was on a diplomatic trip. Order in the region was restored in time for the New Year. The Independence was instituted in the 5th of january of 2016, as noted in the government's site.

Recent History

In the final months of 2016, the small principality began to become more prominent, with the acquiring of a new citizen and the establishment of relations with various other nations.

National colors and symbols

These symbols were created by the College of Heraldry and Nobility of the Principality of Nossia.

Government and politics

The Prince acts as the Head of State, with that being said, the Sovereign High Chancellor is the Head of Government in Nossia. The primary executive powers lies in the hands of the Prince, with the legislative powers being juggled by the Chancellor and the Diet. The only current nossian political party allowed is the NNP, that currently holds the majority of the Diet.

Nossian Government
Unicameral Legislature
Flag Nossia 2016.png
His Serene Sovereign Highness The Prince of the NossiansCarlo I
Sovereign High ChancellorVacant
MembersDiet: 0
Diet voting systemOligarchic
Meeting place
Skype Room

Law and order

Law Enforcement Agencies

Nossia currently has its own police force called "The Crown's Guard", that is tasked with Protecting the Princely Family and maintaining order in the provinces of the principality. The Crown's Guard currently uses the weapons that The Imperial Army of Lifréia has left in the country when it came to pacify Nossia.

Foreign relations

Instant Recognition and Cooperation

In the late hours of the morning of the 6th of january of 2016, The Kanfre Lopes I contacted the Prince Carlo I, he proposed the creation of a alliance for friendly coexistence of the both and with open arms for countries with similar ideas, thus was born The Monarcho-Fascist Micronational Alliance. In October 2016, the Kanfre and the Prince met at at a restaurant to discuss the matter of the relation between their countries. The Nossian-Lifreian relations are now warm, but the distrust is mutual.

Praised and instantly recognized by the Principality. Relations established in 06/04/2016 - April 6, 2016.

Relations established in 11/16/2016 - November 11, 2016.

Relations established in 19/11/2016 - November 19, 2016


Former Relations


Constituent provinces and states of the Nossian Commonwealth
Flag Coat of arms State/Province State
Capital Citizens Area (km2) Official language(s) Governor
Bandeira da República de Palco.png Brasão da República.svg
Serene Republic of
PLC Palco
Portuguese, English President
Carlo I
Bandeira de Assuz.png Brasão de Assuz - Novo.png
Duchy of
ASZ Ponto de Areias
Portuguese Duke
Lopes I
Bandeira de Ibelina.png Brasão de Ibelina - Novo.png
Barony of
IBL Monte das Nascentes
Portuguese Baron
Bandeira de Ambordia.png Brasão de Ambordia - Novo.png
County of
AMB Alto
Portuguese Count
Carlo I


Nossia, strangely, doesn't had a proper army, but had a paramilitary wing of its nationalist party, known colloquially as the Black Shins, because of the black leather shin guards they used on the top of the boots. Nossia has mandatory conscription for all young men as of 16 years of age. The main troops are The 1st Prince's Rifles. The Principality's Sovereign Army (the official name for the black shins) teaches these young men in marksmanship, strategy, resources saving and military history classes. In the last, topics like the campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar are teached.

Conscription Propaganda issued by The Cabinet of Propaganda and Media of Nossia.

Geography and climate


The terrain of the nossian territory has a considerably elevation, with the terrain covered with grass and sand, and some olive and apple trees.


The climate in Venice(and consequently, Nossia) is Mediterranean, but rather wet throughout the year. The most pleasant periods are spring and from mid-September. Winter is cold, with frequent fogs and sometimes some freezing in January. Summer - July and August - is often very hot and wet with high points which exceeds 35 degrees and violent storms possible. Venice(and Nossia) is frequently in flood.


The official currency in Nossia is the Nossian Crown, that has banknotes of 50, 100, and 500 Crowns. It is subdivided in coins of 50, 70 and 100 centos. In February 2016, The Prince decided to freeze the value the Crown had for the future and issue again the use of the Lifre, like in its old times as a province. The matter of the use of the currency will be discussed with the Kanfre in a visit of the Prince to the I Congress of the Nationalist Party of Lifréia. In March 2016, the Prince contacted personally the Kanfre about this deal, with the Kanfre declaring that "Lifréia doesn't need more beggars". Then the Prince brought the Nossian Crown back into circulation.

Recent Status

The nossian economy is a purely digital economy, being based in the government webpage. Nossian citizens and even foreigners can open bank accounts in the BPN(Banco do Principado de Nossia/The Principality of Nossia's Bank). Currently, the primary objective of the Cabinet of Economy is to turn the principality into a tax haven.


Is an habit for the people of Nossia to kneel or reverence the Prince every time he enters or leaves a room. Nossian people don't drink when eating, they do it after eating. Nossia has a strong Azorean, Northern Italian and Southern Brazilian cultural heritage, brought by the Sovereign Prince, Carlo I.


Nossia's only source of news is the government webpage, updated almost monthly, with diplomatic reports, princely announcements, political news, etc.

See also

The Empire of Lifréia, the father nation of Nossia.

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