Nossian Nationalist Party

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Nossian Nationalist Party
LeaderTo be elected
(General Secretary)
FounderCarlo I
FoundedJanuary 1st, 2016
HeadquartersFlorianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
NewspaperThe Lighthouse
Student wingThe Youth Group for Studies on Politics
Youth wingThe Sovereign Youth
Paramilitary wingThe Black Shins
Nossian nationalism
Political positionCentrist
ColoursBlue and White
Seats in Senate
1 / 15
Seats in the Diet
1 / 10
Party flag
Bandeira NNP.png

The Nossian Nationalist Party, (Portuguese:: Partido Nacionalista Nossi) Acronym:NNP, is a allegedly centrist political party that exists in the Principality of Nossia. It is currently the only political party on the Principality. And, curiously, it is the only party that is currently allowed to exist in the nation, that is a one-party state.


Founded on October 10, 2015, with the Prince Carlo I as its leader.

Ideology and place on the political spectrum

The party defines itself as "acting as centrist", but its goals are as follows:

"1. Fight bolshevik influence in the Nossian political and daily life.
2. Lower the required age for conscription on the PSA (Principality's Sovereign Army) to 16.
3. Distance the nation from the imperialist tentacles of Lifréia.
4. Issue a "military first" policy. Improve the PSA as a whole.
5. Turn the PSA into a organization within the Nossian Sovereign Government.
6. Offer military education in schools across Nossia.
7. Fight only when necessary, to protect the nation, to protect our allies."

Current members

The party currently does not have a General-Secretary, the election for this position is scheduled to occur in the 1st Congress of the Nossian Nationalist Party, not scheduled to occur in any specific date.

Carlo I - Founder
To be elected - General-Secretary
To be elected - Treasurer

See also

The Nationalist Party of Lifréia, sister party of the NNP in the Empire of Lifréia.