Republic of Palco

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Serene Republic of Palco
República Serena de Palco
Constituent state of the Principality of Nossia
Coat of arms
Motto: None Official
Anthem: Procession of the Nobles
Location of the Republic.
Official languagesPortuguese, English
Demonym(s)Palcan(English) Palcano(Portuguese)
• (as of 2016 census) census
CurrencyNossian Crown(₢)
Time zone(BRT)

The Serene Republic of Palco, simply know as Palco is a constituent state of the Principality of Nossia.


The province of Palco Mediterrâneo always had a latent separatist desire, since the first days of the Principality. Aiming to put this to rest, on the 5th of April 2017, Prince Carlo I wrote a princely decree, conferring the status of a constituent state of the Principality to the capital of the province (and the capital of Nossia), under the name of "Serene Republic of Palco".[1] The office of President of the new "republic" was given to the prince. Rumors say that, unofficially, the presidentship is actually a hereditary office. Other rumors also say that the separatist movemement is dormant in the region, but not totally gone.

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  1. Princely Note n. 06 | 2017 - On the status of the capital of Palco Mediterrâneo.