Conference of Santiago Financial Authority

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Conference of Santiago Financial Authority
Established2 August 2020
PresidentArthur van der Bruyn
Central bank of Conference of Santiago
CurrencyConferential Doubloon
CSD (ISO 4217)

The Conference of Santiago Financial Authority (Portuguese: Autoridade Financeira da Conferência de Santiago, Spanish: Autoridad Financiera de la Conferencia de Santiago, French: L'Autorité Financière de la Conferénce de Santiago), abbreviated as CSFA in English, is a Conference of Santiago financial institution responsible for the monetary policy for the member states that adopt the Conferential Doubloon as their official currency, as well as for the administration of foreign exchange reserves of the Doubloon-adopting CS member states, engages in foreign exchange operations, and defines the intermediate monetary objectives and key interest rate of the CS. The President of the Financial Authority, on the advice of a executive board, enforces the policies and decisions of the board, and may direct the national central banks when doing so. The CSFA has the exclusive right to authorise the issuance of Conferential Doubloon banknotes. Member states can petition for the issuance of money, but the volume must be approved by the CSFA beforehand.[1]


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