Medal for the Conferential Merit

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Medal for the Conferential Merit
Medalha do Mérito Conferencial
Awarded by the Secretary-General of the Conference of Santiago
TypeOrder of Merit
Established1 August 2021
EligibilityOutstanding efforts for the development of secessionist micronationalism
CriteriaGranted to three micronationalists at the end of the tenure of the Secretary-General
StatusCurrently constituted
First induction30 December 2021
Last induction05 January 2024
Total inductees9

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The Medal for the Conferential Merit (Portuguese: Medalha do Mérito Conferencial, Spanish: Medalla al Mérito Conferencial) is a medal of merit awarded by the Secretary-General of the Conference of Santiago in recognition of efforts on behalf of secessionist micronationalism. The Conference of Santiago's sole award, the medal can only be granted by the Secretary-General at the end of his term for three people by time, according to the Conferential Statute, and is not reserved for citizens and representatives of member states.


The Medal for the Conferential Merit was formally established by the Statue of the Conference of Santiago during the 8th conferential summit in 1 August 2021. The ideia for the creation of an award to be awarded by the Conference of Santiago was first introduced by King Arthur II of Ebenthal, inspired mainly by the Cupertino Service Ribbon. The ideia was approved as a mean for the members of the Conference of Santiago collectively recognize and demonstrate the value of the actions of citizens, representatives and leaders of the organization's member states and other micronations that are not part of the Conference, in favor of true micronationalism and the good practice of micronational political activity.

In 30 December 2021, six days before ending his term as Secretary-General, Emperor Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia conferred the medal to the King of Quinta Velha (who is also ex officio the Imperial Chancellor of Karnia-Ruthenia and the founder of the Conference of Santiago), the President of the Republic of Rino Island and the Queen of Sildavia.

Appointment and eligibility

The Secretary-General of the Conference of Santiago, as the chief executive officer of the organization, is the sole for conferring the medal upon a micronationalist, at his discretion. The medal granting must be held at the end of the Secretary General's six-month term, although the Conferential Statute does not prescribe an exact date for this attribution, to only three micronationalists at a time. The Statute also does not specify whether the recipient of the medal must be linked to any of the member states of the Conference, so it is at the discretion of the Secretary-General to award the medal to any micronationalist who meets the only defined criterion, which is to have performed outstanding deeds or effort in favor of secessionist micronationalism, considered "true micronationalism" by the organization's documents.


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