2021 ASAM Radiator summit

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2021 ASAM Radiator summit
Logo for the 2021 ASAM AVR Summit
Host countryMicronation of the AVR.jpg AVR
Date30 January 2021
ParticipantsASAM members
ChairVishwam Khandelwal,
Founder of the Micronation of the AVR
Follows2020 ASAM Rajagriha summit

The 2021 ASAM AVR summit was the second summit meeting of the Association of South Asian Micronations (ASAM). It was held on 30 January 2021 and was hosted by the Micronation of the AVR.


Member nations

List of leaders who took part in the 2021 ASAM AVR summit:

Guest invitees

List of guest invitees who took part in the summit: