Mirdov M. Kron

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Mirdov M. Kron

미르도프 크론
Ambassador to Anglophone Regions of the Jusin Republic
Assumed office
March, 2021
Predecessor Daniel Lee
Successor Incumbent
Director of Dept. of Education and Aids of the ASKMTO
Assumed office
June 18th, 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
2nd Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Jusin Republic
In office
December 31st, 2019 - March, 2021
Predecessor Heo Ki-Baek
Successor Kim Ji-Kyung
President of the Jusin Republic
In office
January 1st, 2018 - December 30th, 2019
Predecessor Office established
Successor J1NU
Director of IMIA
In office
May 16th, 2016 - June 18th, 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
(merger into ASKMTO)
Vice president of the FDFR
In office
March 3rd, 2017 - April 11th, 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Kim Hyeon-Bin
Head of Department of Foreign Affairs, NMU
In office
July 2nd, 2016 - September 9th, 2016
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Office abolished
4th General Secretary of the NMU
In office
November 4th, 2015 - Feburary 29th, 2016
Predecessor Park Ji-Hong
Successor Jeon Hyeon-Wook
President of the Mine Democratic Republic
In office
July 31st, 2015 - December 31st, 2015
Predecessor In office as a virtual nation
Successor Office abolished
Political party Independent

Mirdov M. Kron is a prominent figure in the Korean micronational society, and is one of three founders of the Jusin Republic. He started his micronational career in July 31 of 2015, when he converted Mine Democratic Republic, which was formerly a virtual/simulationist nation, into a micronation.

Kron is a former President of Jusin and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Jusin Republic and currently holds the title of Ambassador to Anglophone Regions of the Jusin Republic and the Director of Department of Education and Aids, ASKMTO.

Family and personal life

Mirdov Kron was born in Seoul, South Korea, and lived in WI, United States and BC, Canada for a few years. He has been close to western culture, and speaks English quite fluently.

Micronational career


Kron was envolved in Korean virtual nation communities since February 2014, and after intense conflicts with a cyber terrorist group named Hanvit, which was disguised as a virtual nation, he switched over to become a micronationalist.

Entering micronations

Kron entered the world of Korean micronations when he converted his former virtual nation, Mine Democratic Republic, to a micronation on July 31, 2015. During August, Kron spent his time researching information about micronations and their characteristics, and implemented them into his own.

MDR joined the Newfound Micronations United nearing the end of August 2015.[a] However, during August and early September, Emperor Ryeu Won-Bin from the Empire of Bereurodail exerted major influence over the management of NMU, and oppressed others in the community. As a result, soon after MDR joined NMU, a war broke out between the Bereurodail and other members of the NMU. This war is known as the Second Korean Cyber Micronational War, and lasted from September 28 till September 30. MDR fought alongside the other allied forces. This war was the first and only inter-micronational war that Kron participated as a beligerent, but not the only war when non-micronational entities are included.

The allied forces won the war, and MDR now had more say in the NMU due to its participation. During October, Kron repeatedly used terrorist group Hanvit as propaganda to increase influence, about which he later apologized. Nonetheless, Kron was able to win the 4th election for General Secretary of NMU, and became a prominent figure in the Micronation society.

General Secretary of NMU

As the 4th General Secretary, Kron put a lot of effort to make NMU more realistic and stabilized. After his election on November 4, he pushed for major reforms in the organization, such as creating a Justice and Legislation Department under the General Secretariat, which helped stabilization but also increased his political power within the organization. Nonetheless his efforts were positively received by the general delegation group and thus most were realized.

Yuldo citizenship

On December 31, 2015MDR was incorporated as an autonomous region of the Republic of Yuldo after the Yuldo government voted unianimously in favor. Kron was appointed the Minister of Culture in the new government.

Conflicts with other micronationalists

The members of the Hanvit terrorist group had been increasing their presence in the NMU after the end of Kron's term as GS. Their propaganda efforts eventually threw him out of the organization on September 9.

Period of inactivity

Kron remained mostly inactive from September to December, when the virtual nation scandal broke out, effectively ending the political life of the NMU.

Return to the mainstream

After the major NMU scandal on December 19, Kron immediately used the situation to build a new organization with former NMU member states. In total, 3 new bodies emerged, each claiming succession to the now dwindling NMU. Kron lead the Universial Union for Micronational Development, while former 7th GS Jin had made the United Utopian Societies, and the others making the Hanguk Micronational United.

Second period of inactivity

Inactivity persisted from June till November 2017, longest for Kron even to this day. He did however make occasional contacts with Kim Jae-hun, who was leading most of the unification processes of Korean micronations.

Preparation for Jusin

After November, when the major exam was over, Kron officially returned to the micronational society, and was pardoned of his former offenses. He became a major participant in the second unification project, the Kingdom of Hanul-areum.


Kron served as the first President of the new micronation, after being elected on December 30, 2017, and assuming office with the establishment of Jusin on January 1, 2018. He served two consecutive terms, after which he did not run due to term limits. Kron oversaw both the micronation's growth and decline, although it remained mostly active during his term. He attended MicroCon 2019 as the first Asian delegate, significantly increasing the inter-micronational reputation of Jusin, and joined the GUM afterwards as the first Korean micronation. However, he failed at incoporating foreign nationals as new Jusin citizens, which he attempted by establishing an Anglophone division within the government and administrative divisions. His plans to invigorate real life economy within Jusin also failed as usage of the new Jusin online market was extremely limited to only a few state-run enterprises.

As minister

After the end of his term as president, Kron worked as Foreign Minister under President Park, and continued to work on strengthening Jusin's diplomatic position. Jusin signed several treaties of mutual recognition under his term as minister. He also refined the laws regarding diplomatic conduct and procedures, formalizing a concrete system through which anyone who would come after him could engage in diplomacy without needing extensive help from formal office holders.

Temporary retirement

After stepping down from minister on March 2021, Kron has assumed the role of Ambassador. He has temporarily retired from political life.



  1. The exact date is unknown.
  2. Order disestablished.