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International Micronation Intelligence Agency
Military & Cultural Union

Headquarters Head Administration Council of IMIA (via Navercafechat, Kakaotalk)

Official languages Korean, English

Membership 12 full members

Director Mirdov M. Kron
Sub-Head Hyun Bin Kim
Head Administration Council Geon Young Yi
Do Gyeong Hwang
Do Won Han

– Foundation 21 April 2016
– Foundation Treaty ratified 21 April 2016
– Official launch 16 May 2016
Official site

The International Micronation Intelligence Agency, commonly referred by its abbreviation, IMIA was first founded as 'Korean Micronation History Research Association', as part of a governmental agency in Republic of Yuldo. However, the official assent of the organization was delayed due to political disagreements, and the founder Misteremus M. Kron decided to make the organization international, instead of a national agency. The organization to study and research about prenationism, PRO, is under the administration of IMIA.