Newfound Micronations United

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Newfound Micronations United
신생 초소형국민체 연합(Korean)

Official logo

Headquarters NMU Administrative Branch

Official language Korean

Membership 10 official member states

Secretary-General Hwang Do-Gyeong
Chairman of the NMU Council vacant
Chief Justice vacant

Key dates
Foundation 5 April 2015
Site Manager Adoption 19 December 2016
Disestablishment 2 November 2017
Predeccessor Organizations Peace Micronation United
Association of Korean Micronation
Successor Organizations Micronation Union
United Utopian Societies
Universal Union for Micronational Development

Website Official Website

The Newfound Micronations United is a micronation union established in South Korea.


Establishment and the Dark Age(2015.4.5~2015.7.26)

On 5 April 2015, first Secretary-General and the Organization's founder Lennon established the NMU with its website. He later confessed that the Organization's original aim was to find new micronations in South Korea. However, for some unknown reason, SG Ahn did no attempt to increase the number of member states. This led to the Dark Age, a period in which almost all of the activities are under the curtains. The Dark Age continued on to the next SG, the president of Erkabets.

The First Expansion(2015.7.26~2015.10.26)

On 26 July 2015, third SG Park Ji-Hong assumed office, and brought an end to the Dark Age immediately. Few days after SG Park's taking of office, the Jeok-Oo Democratic Republic and the Casiya Democratic Republic joined. Jeok-Oo president Hwang Do-Gyeong advertised Korean micronations on Youtube on 3 August. Dorabia Democratic Republic and Gaje Democratic Republic were the

The Second Expansion(2015.10.26~2016.2.4)

The Depression(2016.2.4~2016.8.4)

Times of political disputes(2016.8.4~2016.12.05)

The Semi-permanent Depression


Member micronations

Micronations with current membership

Seceded micronations

-State Federal Republic

-Great Karto People's Democratic Republic

-Soviet Federal Empire

-Libertia Republic

-Erkabets Republic

-Jeok-Oo Democratic Republic (absorbed by FDFR)

-Casiya Democratic Republic

-Gaje Democratic Republic